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25 Years Later This Mass UFO Sighting Remains Unexplained

In 1997, one of the greatest, most incredible UFO sightings in history took place, the so-called Phoenix lights. 25 years later, we have absolutely no clue what more than 10 thousand people saw over Phoenix, Arizona.


Now that we are taking UFOs seriously, it is time to look back into some of the most incredible UFO sightings reported across the years, and what better case to re-open than the so-called Phoenix lights? More than 10,000 people witnessed strange lights stationary in the sky. Thousands more saw the strange formations in the sky. These bright objects produced no sounds. And the news made headlines across the world. Eventually, the government ridiculed the sightings. And vague explanations were given in an attempt to calm down people who were nervous about what they had seen.  The objects in question were spotted in the sky for approximately three hours between 19:30 and 22:30 MST. These objects were reported in the sky over an area covering more than 300 miles, all the way from the Nevada line, through Phoenix, up to the very edge of Tucson.


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Strange Objects

Thousands of people had witnessed the sky. And many videos and photographs were produced by stunned viewers who couldn’t believe their eyes. Some reporters of the strange lights include objects that are described as square-shaped objects with lights attached to their bottom, to UFOs whose lights were arranged in a circular pattern. But the events can be divided into two sightings. A triangular formation of lights traveled over the state, and then stationary lights reminded hovering in the sky above Phoenix.

Mundane explanations

This was 25 years ago. And UFOs back then and UFOs now are worlds apart. That is because today, people, scientists, the military, and the government are very, very interested in UFOs. So much has changed in two-and-a-half decades that the Pentagon implied in 2022 that UFOs are extraterrestrial in nature. Not long after the sightings over Phoenix, explanations surface. This involved aircraft participating in the so-called Operation Snowbird, a training program by the Air National Guard based in Davis-Monthan Air Force base in Tucson, Arizona. The second sighting was identified as flares dropped by an A-10 aircraft flying over Phoenix while returning to its base. But these explanations make little sense to people who witnessed the original signings 25 years ago.


The worst part about the sighting was perhaps the attempt of Arizona Governor Fife Symington III, who at a press conference jokingly revealed that they had found the responsible for the sightings, eventually bringing to the stage a man dressed in an alien costume. This tells us just how unimportant these sightings were to people back then. Maybe, and just maybe, certain parts of the government were interested in the sightings genuinely, as we know, the government had run several UFO research programs in secrecy. But back in 1997, this was the way the government and most skeptics would respond to the subject. Today, however, things are different. Take a look at this documentary that interviews some of the original witnesses.


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