A screenshot of the video showing the mysterious USO. YouTube.

Alleged USO – Unidentified Submerged Object – Captured on Video

"If something organic was moving at that speed and depth, you would see some kind of locomotion, but you don't see any of that here..."


A mysterious underwater video captured in the Gulf of Mexico in 2019 at a depth of approximately 1,700 meters has resurfaced, sparking debate over whether the object visible in the footage is an unidentified submerged object (USO) or an unidentified marine creature. The footage was shared on a YouTube channel specializing in underwater exploration, featuring an interview with ROV pilot Chase Petley, who captured the video.

Transmedium objects

While UFO sightings are relatively common in the skies, USOs – also known as “transmedium objects” in military parlance – remain rare and less documented. In the video, a circular object can be seen moving rapidly near a commercial submersible, fueling speculation that it might be a genuine USO. Reactions to the video have been mixed, with some viewers supporting the USO theory and others suggesting the object could be a marine creature, possibly a type of stingray. Petley, however, disagrees with the latter interpretation. “We’ve spent thousands of hours looking underwater in these areas and we know what the fish look like, and it’s very clear this isn’t any kind of fish,” he said.


Petley also pointed out that the object appears to have two holes on its sides and moves at a speed uncommon for marine life at that depth. “If something organic was moving at that speed and depth, you would see some kind of locomotion, but you don’t see any of that here,” he argued. The object’s true nature remains undetermined, leaving viewers to draw their own conclusions. With 95% of the ocean’s volume still unexplored, it is very likely that there are things “down there” we have no clue of.

The videos


Transmedium UFOs, also known as unidentified submerged objects (USOs), have intrigued researchers and enthusiasts alike for years. These objects are unique because they exhibit the ability to traverse through different mediums, such as transitioning from the sky to the water or vice versa, seemingly without any impact on their functionality or movement. While aerial UFO sightings have been widely reported and documented, encounters with transmedium objects remain scarce and mysterious, adding to the enigma surrounding their existence.

The study of transmedium UFOs has gained increased attention from both the scientific community and military organizations around the world. Recent declassifications of military documents and the release of previously undisclosed videos have reignited public interest in these elusive phenomena. While many theories have been proposed to explain the nature of these objects – ranging from highly advanced military technology to extraterrestrial visitors – no definitive answers have been found. As new sightings and evidence continue to emerge, the pursuit to uncover the truth behind transmedium UFOs remains an ongoing and fascinating endeavor.


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