Transmedium UFO Illustration. Depositphotos.

Transmedium UFO Filmed By Drone Travels 5800 Kilometers Per Hour

Analysis of the Video Footage suggests it is authentic and unedited. The object in the video is estimated to have traveled at 5800 kilometers per hour.


What would be a compelling video of a UFO by today’s standards? Crisp, clear footage? A high-definition photograph? An HD video of the object moving through the sky? All of these are characteristics UFO researchers look for when analyzing a potential UFO sighting. Regrettably, in today’s online world, people often create hoax videos in an attempt to go viral, for fun, or even to make money. But what if a transmedium UFO filmed on video is real?

There are some good videos out there

And while it is difficult to differentiate the real from the fake, there are plenty of extraordinary videos and evidence out there. Sure, there’s probably more hoaxed material than the real deal, but nonetheless, there is certainly plenty of footage that is worthy of study. This is particularly so today, when the military, the government, and even scientists are eager to find out what UFO/UAP are. In the past few years, the most famous UFO footage we have is that of Navy pilots from the aircraft carrier the USS Nimitz. Three videos seem to show objects that are unlike any technology humankind knows of. These objects travel extremely fast. They make sporadic, extreme movements. And these objects seem to have the ability to ignore the laws of physics as known by man. Some refer to them as transmedium UFOs.


Worthy Civiliza UFO footage?

But what if there was another footage, not from the military, but a civilian, that was equally compelling? Would it be hard to prove it is real? How trustworthy would such footage be, given that there is so much hoaxed material on the internet? Well, this min-documentary series has analyzed what is perhaps one of the most fantastic UFO videos filmed by a civilian. The video, filmed by a drone pilot, shows a silver disc approaching from a distance and passing just in front of the drone at mind-boggling speed.

Transmedium UFO: as authentic a it gets?

I have watched the original drone footage previously. Just as when I saw it then, it left me speechless this time around. At the time, I was unsure what to make of it, given the sheer amount of hoxed content. Then a video documentary popped up on YouTube where the footage reappeared, however, this time, someone decided to take a closer look. As part of the “Contact” series, Quest TV decided to investigate the footage further in an attempt to see whether it was tempered or not. The result of the analysis confirms what I initially thought about the sighting; it was genuine and unedited. It was an authentic video of a transmedium UFO.

However, what I didn’t know previously is that the object seen in the video traveled 3600 miles per hour. What strikes me the most is that the object seen in the video seems not to be affected by its surroundings. It does not seem to be affected by air resistance. It does not seem to be affected by gravity. Is this what we call a trans-medium UFO? The entire documentary, which I greatly recommend, can be seen here.


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Written by Ivan Petricevic

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