See the entire collection of declassified CIA UFO files in the link provided below. Credit: Shutterstock

All of CIA’s Declassified UFO Documents Are Now Available Online

The entire collection of over 2700 pages is now available for download.


Is there anything more attention-grabbing than news about UFOs? Well, we haven’t found them yet, officially, but we might be getting closer with the latest release of over 700 declassified CIA files/documents related to UFOs.

The collection of 2780 pages is currently available for download on the Black Vault website, along with over 2 million other declassified government documents that might be of your interest.


According to John Greenewald, founder, and owner of the online archive the Black Vault, he had been fighting for the release of these documents since the late 90s and was finally able to purchase the CD-ROM collection of CIA files in mid-2020.

Perhaps the time has finally come for the public to know more about the UFO cases hidden by the CIA and the government, and this new collection of files should be just the beginning.

According to the new Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021, signed by President Donald Trump, all intelligence agencies should compose a detailed report on all UFO data and submit it publically.

We will see what happens in the next couple of months before the official deadline and what will be revealed within this report but for now, we can discuss the latest collection of CIA files acquired by the Black Vault.

There is a special term used by the CIA to address the cases in the 2700+ pages – Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP). These include cases not only from within the American borders but actually the entire world.


According to the CIA, these are all UAP files that exist but can we actually believe this? If you ask me, this collection of files includes only those that the government is not afraid to show. No government would reveal all its secrets, especially when it comes to UFOs.

Furthermore, a large percentage of the pages are in terrible condition. In almost all, there are blackened words or entire lines of text that hide names, references, and all sorts of information.

Many pages are so terribly photocopied, that it is nearly impossible to read. As Greenewald himself suggested, the CIA might have made this on purpose to hide as much as possible or at least make it difficult to analyze.

If there is one thing I want to see in the upcoming days, it is the official response by the CIA on the release of the files. Although they were the ones to send them to the Black Vault, a lot was said in the past few days that the agency should perhaps address.

As a whole, UFOs have again become one of the main topics in the past year since the U.S. Navy released those incredible UFO videos taken by pilots during missions.

Then, at the beginning of December 2020, we heard some troubling confessions by the former Israeli Space Security Chief Haim Eshed. According to his claims, the Israel and U.S. governments have been in touch with a real alien “Galactic Federation” for decades.

All in all, the next few months should be interesting. I seriously doubt that there will be major reveals despite the new laws but who knows… For now, we have over 700 declassified CIA files in over 2700 pages to analyze thanks to the efforts of the Black Vault.


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