A screengrab from a video showing two fighter jets chasing a tic-tac UFO. Image Credit: YouTube - Alex McCall.

Video Shows Fighter Jets Chasing “Tic-Tac UFO”

A video has emerged showing what seems to be two fighter jets chasing a mysterious, tic-tac UFO as it speeds through the sky above Acadia National Park in Maine.


Two fighter pilots chased an object that appeared to be a UFO over a national park, shocking tourists.

When Alex McCall was visiting Acadia National Park in Maine with his daughter and grandchildren, military jets suddenly swept across the skies. They saw two aircraft tailing a white UFO when they looked up, the Sun reports.


Before the three aircraft vanished into the clouds, his daughter captured the moment they roared over the park.

When former pilot Alex watched the video back, he was certain the Tic Tac-shaped UFO wasn’t another aircraft.

According to Alex, who has 25 years of experience flying, “the video was taken by my daughter, and we don’t know what it is. There are people who say it’s CGI, but they’re clearly clueless; the video was taken with an iPhone.”.

Several dozens, if not hundreds, of people, were in the area when the family was on faction.


“My kids and grandkids saw it and then heard it. My daughter got her phone out and pointed in the right direction but couldn’t tell if she was getting video of it: the former Pilot said in an interview.

Whether or not this video was edited remains to be seen. Nonetheless, videos like these imply that the UFO phenomenon is real and that the military has more frequent contact with such crafts than what they are telling the public.

Mr. McCall wrote on his YouTube channel that many others witnessed the event, and it is likely that someone else took a better video.

A tic-tac UFO?

The object being chased by fighter jets in the short video seems to reassemble the famous tic-tact UFO, an object that Navy pilots pursued in 2004.

The story behind the enigmatic Tic-Tac UFO can be traced back to a radar operator called operator Kevin Day. He noticed strange reactivity off the coast of San Clemente Island, west of San Diego, when he first saw odd and slow-moving objects flying in groups of five to ten in November 2004.

Averaging 138 miles/hour, the clusters were moving at an elevation of 28,000 feet, too high for birds, too slow for conventional aircraft, and not on any established flight path, according to Day.

The enigmatic object seen in the recently filmed video over Maine does, in some way, fit the description of Pilots who saw the Tic-Tac UFO.

The UFO Phenomena

A lot has been said in recent years and months about UFOs. Everything bad, conspiratory that was once attached to the acronym has disappeared as military agencies, governments, and even space agencies rush and attempt to solve what these mysterious crafts are.


In a recent bill, the House passed a measure establishing a secure UFO reporting system and protecting current and former government officials who reveal their knowledge of UFOs.

The amendment creates an internal reporting system to share information about UAPs that were previously prohibited from disclosure under non-disclosure agreements.

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