As we approach the release of the complete UFO report by the American government, a former officer has revealed that UFOs have previously disabled America's nuclear weapons. Credit: US Navy

Former Intelligence Officer Says UFOs Disabled Nukes

New UFO claims from a former intelligence officer.


The existence of UFOs has more or less become a fact now that US Navy and Pentagon have confirmed several cases and have released real footage on several occasions.

Moreover, many former government officials have come out speaking about UAPs and UFOs in recent months, although without revealing important secrets.


The latest addition to the everlasting mystery was Luis Elizondo’s claims that UFOs have disabled America’s nuclear weapons. Let’s see what the former intelligence officer revealed.

10 things you need to know about Luis Elizondo and how UFOs have disabled America’s nuclear weapons

1. Luis Elizondo is the former director of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (ATTIP). This is one of the many secret programs of the Pentagon over the years that studied UFOs and UAPs. This particular team operated between 2007 and 2012.

2. Elizondo came out with serious claims regarding UFOs although he couldn’t reveal serious declassified information. For instance, he claims that UFOs have disabled America’s nuclear weapons.

3. Elizondo mentioned that the government has extraordinary videos, some of which over 25 minutes long.

4. He also claimed that there have been cases when UAPs have flown at less than 50 feet from the pilots’ cockpit which sounds extreme. He did not mention any incidents or confrontations but I do not imagine how this could be avoided.

5. Elizondo also mentioned that investigators do not jump to conclusions and there are suspicions that these technologies could be controlled by countries like Russia or China.


6. He suggested that other countries could be in possession of advanced alien technologies that have been kept secret from the public, obviously.

7. In the last days of the previous American administration, President Trump signed off a report that promises to release evidence and valuable information about UAPs and UFOs. For now, Elizondo can’t reveal any significant classified details but this could all change in June.

8. Some of the even more unbelievable claims include UFOs reaching incredible speeds. For example, he claims to have seen footage/reports on objects that travel with 11,000 miles per hour both in air and underwater. That is close to three times faster than the top speed of any military plane.

9. UFOs have apparently been able to pull out 700 G-forces and elevate to up to 80,000 feet.

10. Last but not least, he said that he has not seen any distinctive features that would point towards a possible origin. Those UFOs did not have wings or cockpits, nor symbols that could reveal anything.

We cannot jump to conclusions about these claims until we see some real evidence which, until now, has been extremely rare. The US Navy recently confirmed the leaked footage of a triangular UFO that harrassed several warships in 2019 but that’s pretty much it.

For these new cases and the recent claims that UFOs have penetrated the sound barrier without sonic booms, we need more than just a confirmation. We need footage, real reports, details about confrontations between UFOs and the military, etc. The problem is that the upcoming report may, once again, not reveal enough.

It is curious to consider why exactly did UFOs allegedly disable America’s nuclear weapons? We all know that UFOs apparently have an attraction to nuclear plants and military facilities. But why? Are we already advanced enough that aliens feel threatened by us? Or are they trying to protect us from our own self-destruction?


And if they can disable America’s nuclear weapons, what if they did the same with Russia or China, or any other country in possession? What if no country can use such weapons now? Honestly, I can’t wait to see what the government will reveal in June.

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Written by Vladislav Tchakarov

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