What predictions did Baba Vanga make for 2021 and do you think any will come true? Credit: Dama.bg

Here’s What Blind Mystic Baba Vanga Predicted For 2021

Do you think these predictions are real or completely fake?


In the public space, the controversy over the predictions of the famous blind Bulgarian mystic Baba Vanga does not subside and even in 2021, almost a quarter of a century after her death, we will continue to mention her for the same reason as any previous year – for her alleged prophecies for the near and distant future.

Despite the fact that she died in August 1996, new prophecies appear every year. The point is that these new prophecies are becoming more and more banal and frivolous as if invented enough to gain attention on social networks and news channels.


As a Bulgarian and a person whose relatives had real contact with Baba Vanga, I can say that many of the things she predicted really came true and have changed thousands of lives. At the same time, Vanga’s “modern” predictions, like the ones you will soon see for 2021, do not sound much like hers.

As early as the beginning of 2020, an old Russian friend of Baba Vanga announced her predictions for this year and they were quite disturbing. It was also rumored that she knew about the outbreak of Coronavirus, but Baba Vanga personally ordered it to be shared publicly only 7 days before the start of the pandemic.

Now, at the end of this year, we are here again, discussing Vanga’s supposed predictions for 2021, which, unlike in previous years, are indeed well beyond normal. Some sound like absolute fiction, others seem to have been heard before, and still, others sound entirely possible.

The important thing, in any case, is not to take them too literally. Each of them can be perceived in countless ways and I think that everyone can feel it for themselves and connect it with their own life or experiences.

Of course, some of Vanga’s predictions for 2021 listed below are quite direct and accurately named, which is another signal that they are not authentic. BUT, let’s discuss them anyway.

Vanga’s Predictions for 2021: Real or Fake?

Let’s start with something positive because many of Vanga’s supposed predictions for 2021 are quite negative. Vanga is rumored to have predicted that a cure for cancer will finally be found next year. As good as it sounds, I don’t think this Vanga’s prediction for 2021 is authentic.

There has been a similar prophecy in the past that suggested the same outcome for the beginning of the 21st century, but this is a fairly broad concept, and the beginning of the century as a whole is long gone.

We move forward with some of Vanga’s alleged unpleasant predictions for 2021 concerning two of the most influential men on the planet – Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.


According to supposed predictions, Donald Trump will suffer from an unknown disease that will change his life completely. I can say that I’ve been hearing about this prediction for several years in a row, so at this point, I don’t think it’s authentic.

As for President Putin, according to the prophecy, there will be an assassination attempt against him. Well, as far as I know, he has already survived after 6 such attempts, so I guess we shouldn’t worry about him.

We move forward to a few more of Vanga’s disturbing predictions for 2021. One of them suggests that Europe will suffer from chemical attacks by Islamic extremists. Bio-weapons have long been banned by consensus around the world, so the use of one by any country/group is likely to lead to much more serious conflicts. In any case, I hope such a thing never happens anywhere in the world.

And speaking of the world, another Vanga prediction for 2021 is mentioned, according to which humanity will suffer a number of disasters that will change the way people look at the world and life.

If nothing else, at least Vanga has predicted that in 2021 petrol production will stop and vehicles will run on energy from the sun, which sounds quite environmentally friendly and positive, but difficult to achieve at this stage. Maybe this prediction is a hundred years early?

Finally, I have left the most incredible alleged Vanga prediction for 2021, which sounds like an excerpt from a Tolkien story.

According to this long prophecy, humanity will be conquered by a mighty dragon. People on the Internet suggest that this dragon may be China, but why don’t we direct our speculations in a completely different way and think of something much more grandeur – perhaps an alien mothership. That sounds more exciting doesn’t it?

Continuing Vanga’s supposed prediction for 2021, it is mentioned that three giants will unite as a result of the appearance of this dragon. Again, the Internet says that these giants are perhaps three of the largest countries on the planet – China, India, and Russia. But what’s the logic of China being a dragon and then also a giant?

Now, we reached the last prediction which suggests that some people will have red money. There is speculation about two specific red Chinese and Russian banknotes, which may be described in the prophecy, but I do not see this as a possibility.


To me, red money is a metaphor for money earned with violence. But, these are just my thoughts, and as I said, everyone should look for their own answers to these mysterious predictions of Vanga for 2021.

In the end, we can only sit and guess whether there is any authenticity behind these prophecies or not. Time will tell but I honestly hope that most of the ones above never happen, no matter if they are real Vanga predictions or not. Anyway, what are your thoughts on the subject?

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Written by Vladislav Tchakarov

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