Isaac Newton is another famous person in history whose predictions mention the apocalypse and the end of the world. Unlike others, however, the year he has given us is relatively soon. Credit: InformOverload/Youtube

These Are Isaac Newton’s Predictions of the Future Made Over 300 Years Ago

According to Sir Isaac Newton, the year 2060 will be a turning point for humanity.


Mankind has long awaited the end of the world. The most recent example was 2012. Many stocked up on canned food and all necessary provisions. But whether the Mayans were wrong or we misunderstood them, the end of the world did not happen. Nothing catastrophic happened globally on December 21, 2012.

Is there anything to fear now? Are there prophecies that point to a specific date? And not dubious predictions from illiterate impostors, but from respected people – such as the Maya. Fortunately or not, there are plenty of good examples that we can keep in mind. 


Every year, we see alleged predictions of Baba Vanga and Nostradamus. In most cases, the end of the world is always involved in one way or another. But in all seriousness, we can hardly believe in any of those at this point.

Here is another name that has been involved with predictions about the end of the world in the last couple of decades – the renowned scientist Isaac Newton. Based on information from his personal manuscripts, we know that he attempted to calculate the exact year of the apocalypse – 2060. Here’s what we know.

Isaac Newton’s many interests

Experts learned the fact that Isaac Newton indicated the date of Armageddon in late 2002 when manuscripts with his notes were discovered. They were kept for many years in the National Library of Israel among unsorted archives of the author of the first, second, and third laws and, of course, the law of universal attraction.

After the scientists discovered and read the previously unknown manuscripts of the genius, it became clear that he also studied alchemy, occultism, astrology, and theology in addition to mechanics, physics, and mathematics.

After Newton’s death in 1727, thousands of pages devoted to his “secret passions” were stored for more than 200 years in a chest at the home of the Earl of Portsmouth. In 1936, most of the manuscripts were bought at auction by the Jewish scholar Abraham Yehuda.

They ended up in the National Library of Israel.

That’s where Newton’s manuscript with the prophecy of the end of the world in 2060 is located. It was discovered by Harvard University professor Stephen Snobelen, who began the initial studies.

Newton’s previously inaccessible manuscripts testify that alchemy, theology, and the occult came to the fore and his serious discoveries were a consequence of this “obscurantism”.


For example, the law of universal attraction did not appear at all because of the famous apple, but thanks to the concept professed by alchemy to attract one element to another. Another example is Newton’s famous physical theory of absolute space and time, which was based on the theological ideas of the genius of physics.

He believed that absolute space was the place inhabited by God, the form of existence of his universal spirit, and absolute time is an infinite duration of the divine presence.

Furthermore, Newton believed that due to the divine structure of the universe, every impact is instantly transmitted to every point of it without the participation of matter. Curiously enough, this theory is also being considered by some modern physicists studying vacuum and quantum mechanisms.

Now, let’s focus a bit more on Newton’s actual predictions and the apocalypse.

Newton’s Biblical Studies & Predictions

Part of a letter from 1704 to a friend in which Newton calculated the day of the Apocalypse using the Book of Daniel. Credit: Jerusalem's Hebrew University
Part of a letter from 1704 to a friend in which Newton calculated the day of the Apocalypse using the Book of Daniel. Credit: Jerusalem’s Hebrew University

Newton treated the Bible with special mystical awe – he studied it all his life. He believed that the Scriptures hold messages of the higher powers for the future of the world. He dreamed of creating a system that would allow the Bible to be used to predict this future.

There is another well-known source that also attracted the attention of the genius – the Book of Daniel (Old Testament), in which the prophet accurately predicted the date of Christ’s coming to earth, the death of the Son of God, and his resurrection.

Newton believed that God had chosen the prophet Daniel to interpret the future. And in order to “see” it, the book must be deciphered – every word of it. What Newton did for many years – almost 50, considering himself also chosen by God, was trying to decipher it.

Mathematically calculating the date of the end of the world, he wrote 4500 pages in words and formulas. The Book of Daniel is itself a collection of prophecies. Newton interpreted them by trying to create an algorithm suitable for predicting future events. What happened, in the end, remains to be seen – the archive has not been fully studied. Only the mysterious date of the end of the world – 2060 – has been discovered.

Understanding the essence of Newton’s manuscripts, professor Snobelen discovered that the scholar had deciphered the instructions available in the Bible for certain periods of time. Newton identified one of these periods as 1260 years. He then calculated that this period began in 800 AD.


He added 1260 years and received 2060. Newton himself wrote that a world war would break out, then there would be a plague that would lead to the destruction of a significant part of humanity. But after the end of the calamity, the kingdom of the Messiah will come and the world will see a new beginning.

In other words, it should be noted that, while prophesying about the end of the world, the soothsayer still believed that after difficult times for mankind, an era of prosperity would come, when God would dwell among people to dry people’s tears from suffering.

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