What did Vanga and Nostradamus predict for 2021? Let's find out. Credit: Pinterest

Here’s What Nostradamus And Baba Vanga Predicted For 2021

If we are to believe what was foretold, 2021 will not be our year.


Not a year passes by without entirely brand new lists of predictions by Vanga and Nostradamus and 2021 is no different. Although both seers passed away a long time ago, both have many followers and their alleged yearly predictions always hit the headlines.

The real question here is which ones are authentic? The nature of the predictions by Vanga and Nostradamus is completely different although their prophecies often refer to similar or identical futuristic events as is the case for 2021.


For example, Vanga died in 1996, and we have enough evidence to believe in her divine gifts. As a countryman of Vanga and a person whose family has had direct relations with the mystic, I have every reason to believe that she truly helped thousands of people and guessed countless real events from the future. Vanga’s followers, for instance, claim that more than 85% of her predictions came true (although there really is no way to calculate that).

What I truly want to say is that Vanga has been a contemporary to most of us and we have enough reasons to believe in her past prophecies. Nowadays, however, more and more people like to create fake ones for attention. And as a whole, most of the predictions we see published are somebody’s interpretation of her words or things that she never said.

In contrast, we have Nostradamus, who lived exactly 500 years ago. His alleged predictions come from interpretations of his real verses, that allegedly include no less than 6338 predictions that span until the year 3797.

Once again, these are all somebody’s interpretations. If you read the exact same verses yourself, you might think of something else. Or, he left hidden notes or explanations that only chosen people can access. Who knows? The important thing here is that these alleged predictions by Vanga and Nostradamus will not stop and all we can do now is discuss the new wave of prophecies for 2021.

What did Vanga and Nostradamus foresee for 2021?

If there is anything in common between the predictions by Vanga and Nostradamus for 2021, it is that they are predominantly negative.

To make it more comparable, I will not list the predictions separately but rather combine the similar ones to see how closely both seers saw the future.

We can start with natural disasters as according to Vanga and Nostradamus, there will be plenty in 2021. While the predictions by Vanga do not specify the exact kind of disasters, it is said that there will be a series of them that will change our way of life completely. Nostradamus, on the other hand, allegedly predicted with higher precision – an earthquake will destroy California in 2021.

Nostradamus and Vanga also predicted a thing or two about health and diseases for 2021. Based on the prophecies by the French seer, there will be a series of devastating epidemics and the Coronavirus was only the beginning. Fortunately, Vanga predicted something more positive to brighten your day – humanity should finally discover a cure for cancer.


When it comes to religion, we have several predictions for 2021 from both Vanga and Nostradamus. According to the blind mystic, Europe will be devastated by chemical attacks, released by Islamic Extremists. In a similar way, Nostradamus predicted that Islam will become the main religion in the world which will be led by Muslims.

Nostradamus had another prophecy concerning religion. It is said that Pope Francis will re-unite people around the world. As a whole, finally, something that sounds positive, right.

If you need more positivity, Vanga also predicted that petrol production will stop in 2021, and we will turn to green energy. This, unfortunately, does not seem possible at this stage.

I left the most unbelievable predictions by Vanga and Nostradamus for 2021 for the end of this article. For some, I will explain why they seem unbelievable. For others, I believe it should be quite obvious.

Vanga allegedly predicted terrible life-changing events for presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. As the prophecy goes, there will be an assassination attempt on Putin’s life while Donald Trump will suffer from an unknown devastating illness.

Why are these unbelievable? As far as I know, Vanga never gave exacts in her predictions. She wouldn’t give a person’s name or an exact date. Plus, these alleged predictions about Putin and Trump have been around for years, literally.

Now, for the grand finale. Out of all the predictions by Vanga and Nostradamus for 2021, these two have to be my favorite. According to the French seer, there will be a Zombie Apocalypse that will wipe out humanity in years. It will, once again, begin as a virus that will turn people into something terrible. Well, there may be new deadly viruses in 2021 (I hope not) but I don’t imagine one that would make me a zombie.

In contrast, there is another prophecy by Vanga that sounds just as dramatic. She foretold the upcoming of a mighty dragon that will conquer humanity. As the story goes, this event will cause the “three giants to unite”.

Many theorists on the web believe that the dragon refers to China while others suggest that the three giants could be Russia, India, and China.

The prophecy also mentions “red money” which has also been connected to specific Russian and Chinese banknotes.


And… that’s about it. These were Vanga’s and Nostradamus’s predictions for 2021. We have separate articles on each seer which you can read HERE (Vanga) and HERE (Nostradamus).

I cannot say that I am truly convinced in the authenticity of these prophecies but there is no lie – some sound convincing and entirely possible. What do you think? Do you believe in any of the predictions and do you think that people should continue publishing them every year?

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