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Did Nostradamus Really Predict a Yellowstone Eruption in 2023?

"...an earthquake that shall concern particularly the western area of the New City, but felt in lands throughout the globe. A volcanic fire from the middle of the earth..." 


It has now been claimed that Michel de Nostredame, commonly known as Nostradamus, foresaw a catastrophic volcanic eruption at Yellowstone. Nostradamus theorists have claimed that around 500 years ago, the man, who is widely recognized as the greatest prophet the world has ever seen, foresaw a terrible volcanic eruption. And not just ANY volcanic eruption.  The alleged prophecies penned down by Nostradamus in his 1555 book ‘Les Prophéties’ have kept theorists busy interpreting and analyzing what the French astrologer wrote down.

The alleged prediction

Nostradamus theorists argue that the prophet foresaw a ‘volcanic fire’, an earthquake felt around the globe, taking place in ‘the new city’. This theory has been presented in the past and has circulated over and over online.


Nostradamus’ followers believe that the French astrologer penned down verses that mention “a massive earthquake that shall concern particularly the western area of the New City.” This will be “felt in lands throughout the globe” as well as “volcanic fire from the middle of the earth”  which will unleash “rembling around the New City.” As to the location of the New City, it is a mystery. Nevertheless, Nostradamus theorists argue that the New City is just a reference to the American Continent and not an actual city.



It’s time to shift the world into a state of preparedness, not conflict. The age of the great floods has begun. It’s not going to stop. If the leadership of your country is not promoting a universal state of preparedness, perhaps it’s time to find new leadership…” According to the French astrologers’ followers, Nostradamus’ verses most likely make reference to Yellowstone. And if Yellowstone does really erupt, emissions of sulfur dioxide could kill nearly 90,000 people, rendering most parts of the United States uninhabitable.

Did he predict it?

That’s up to what you exactly believe about Nostradamus. Many people are overly convinced that he really predicted countless events hundreds of years before they occurred. Other say that it is just a game of words and that the French astrologer had no ability or ways of seeing into the future. Despite this, there are claims he predicted Hitler, the Moon Landing, the assassination of J.F.K., and more.

Many doomsday theories have been heavily connected to Nostradamus throughout the years, yet still, here we are. Aliens haven’t invaded, massive Earthquakes have not ripped our world apart, and nuclear war is not happening, at least not now, and I hope it will stay so. As for his predictions, I say, these are all a game of words.


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Written by Ivan Petricevic

I've been writing passionately about ancient civilizations, history, alien life, and various other subjects for more than eight years. You may have seen me appear on Discovery Channel's What On Earth series, History Channel's Ancient Aliens, and Gaia's Ancient Civilizations among others.

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