Top Ten UFO Encounters. Image Credit: YouTube/History.

Top Ten UFO Encounters of 2022

2022 has been an exciting year for the UFO community and the UFO study. And while we look forward to 2023, here is some of the best material of 2022.


2022 has been a lot of things. But for the most part, for people that investigate UFOs, and people that love reading about UFOs as I do, it has been a great year. This is because, in 2022, many new reports have popped up about UFOs. Many videos were leaked to the public showing objects that defy explanation. Some of these leaked UFO videos show objects seamlessly transitioning from filing in the air to diving into the ocean without even making a splash. These are so-called transmedium UFOs. The PEntagon’s UFO office is paying particular interest to these objects. And many UFOlogists believe that these objects could be the real deal when it comes to evidence of alien technology. Whether this is the case remains to be seen. But we know that 2022 has offered us a lot when it comes down to UFOs.

Videos, reports, NASA, and more

2022 has offered us new reports, new legislation that makes it easier to report UFOs, incredible videos of UFO encounters, and perhaps more importantly, actual UFO studies. For example, in 2022, NASA gathered over a dozen astrophysicists to study and investigate UFOs in Earth’s atmosphere and outer space. This report will soon come out, and we look very much forward to seeing what some of the top astrophysicists on the planet have to say about these objects. But NASA isn’t alone when it comes to studying UFOs. One of the more exciting studies taking place is the so-called Galileo project. This is a study on UFOs and potential extraterrestrial technology led by former chair of astronomy at Harvard, professor Avi Loeb. The Galileo Project is one year into studying UFOs, and we look forward to the progress it will make.

Top 10 UFO encounters of 2022

And while we wait for more news about UFOs, more exciting videos, and more data on a subject that is now worthy of the most rigorous scientific study, here is a video that sums up some of the best-alleged encounters of 2022.


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