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US Pilots Raise Concerns Over Increased Luminous UFO Activity

Pilots described witnessing UFOs in mid-air performing maneuvers that no human-made aircraft could ever achieve.


UFOs seem to be everywhere around us. Although our sky is contaminated with artificial objects, some of these make no sense to us. One example is lights that appear in one place, disappear and seconds later reappear in another. Sometimes, these lights move in zig-zag patterns or perform maneuvers that no known human aircraft can. What these objects are, remains a mystery for us all. I believe that some of these objects, commonly referred to as UFO/UAP, are technology not of this Earth. Recently more and more has been talked about these objects. Additionally, they’ve gained so much traction that even NASA is trying to figure out what the mysterious objects are. Not only that, the Pentagon has its own UFO office too. The Pentagon, however, seems to be looking at all kinds of UFOs, including the so-called transmedium type.

UFO sightings

Now, pilots and the crews of more than 15 commercial airliners maintain they have encountered unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) in US airspace in recent weeks. And the sightings are packed. The Debrief recently reported that investigator and television personality Ben Hansen first mentioned UFO sightings on social media. Then, he used his YouTube channel to post several videos detailing the incidents. According to Hansen, pilots explained that the sightings took place over seven weeks. What is fascinating is that they involved luminous aerial objects. These unidentified objects are seen in airspace from the midwestern United States to the western Pacific. However, these were no ordinary UFOs. As per reports, the objects performed unconventional tight-circle aerial maneuvers. Some pilots compared them to F1 racecars.


“Racetrack UAPs is what these objects were nicknamed.” Several of the sightings were reported to air traffic controllers. Nonetheless, no official investigations are known to have been carried out. This is even though the events were reported to at least one Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) unit. A curious series of sightings occurred a few months ago, in August 2022. It involved a Gulfstream 650 private jet commanded by former Navy F-18 pilot Mark Hulsey. Hulsey was accompanied by a copilot only known as Keith. They flew a trajectory that took them from Florida to Hawaii. While over LA, the pilots observed from 4 to 7 highly luminous objects flying between five to ten thousand feet. The objects were performing erratic maneuvers.

UFO maneuvers made no sense

How can manmade aircraft perform such exotic maneuvers? They probably cannot. And whatever the pilots saw was likely no technology from Earth. But, more importantly, this is what the pilots seemed to think. Based on the strange circular maneuvers of the UFOs, and the speed they exhibited, none of the pilots thought these were conventional craft. What followed was equally interesting. The Pilots of the Gulfstream 650 revealed to Hansen that data about the incident was shared and discussed in a close-door meeting. The events were reviewed and sent pt the Joint Flight Command.

In addition, the day after the August 18 incident, Gulfstream pilots told Hansen that a closed-door meeting was held in Downtown Los Angeles, where data on the incident was reviewed by the Joint Flight Command Air Traffic Operations (JATOC)and the National Airspace System (NAS). Weeks after the incident, more similar UAP reports started popping up. Commercial pilots started revealing more information on their sightings, and this eventually was picked up by civilian investigators through social media channels. What the objects were, remains a mystery.


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