A screenshot of the spherical UFO snapped by a US Spy plane over Iraq. Image Credit: Jeremy Corbell.

US Spy Plane Films Spherical UFO Over Iraq

In 2016, a US Spy Plane flying over Mosul, Iraq, filmed a fast-moving spherical UFO. What the object was remains a mystery.


The UFO subject has greatly changed in the last few years. UFOs have gone from nothing other than a crazy conspiracy to a subject that millions of people worldwide discuss. Not only that, but scientists are now eager to study these mysterious objects as well. This was not always the case. In the past, scientists used to avoid the subject at all costs, fearing being ridiculed or called out by collages if they did. But things have changed drastically. NASA, for example, is already studying the phenomenon with a dedicated team of astrophysicists. So is the Pentagon, with its very own UFO study group.

Spherical UFO Over Iraq

During the premiere of a new podcast, UFo researcher Jeremy Corbell revealed what is now being referred to as the “Orb of Mosul.” In the photograph, we see a spherical UFO, it was captured by a united States Spy plane, as it was flying high above the city of Mosul in Iraq. The shot was taken on April 16, 2016, by an intelligence reconnaissance plane (MC-12) over the city of Mosul and is part of an informative video about UFOs still classified by the former UAP Task Force — now succeeded by AARO. The accompanying report describes the scene as a “brief clip of an unidentified flying orb that appears to have a metallic sheen on its surface” and that it “is moving from south to north, without descending.”



This is the first publicly released photograph part of the ongoing UFO investigation ordered by the US Congress over security concerns involving these unidentified objects flying in restricted airspace or conflict zones. An intelligence source with operational knowledge of the footage further revealed that it lasted 4 seconds. In addition, it was revealed that it was filmed using “FMV (full motion video) by DGS-1,” implying that the spy plane’s sensors captured infrared and other data during the close encounter.

What it means

The intelligence source also revealed that the officials who sent the video to different agencies believed that the orb was under intelligent control. The video in question is believed to have been forwarded to Joint Base Langley-Eustis in Virginia, where imaging experts studied it for the US Central Command (CENTCOM). The incident remains unexplained, despite having been analyzed and studied by intelligence experts for over six years. Due to its characteristics, however, what has been observed has reminded many UFOlogists of the famous Foo Fighters, spherical objects with intelligent movements that were described by both Allied and Axis pilots during World War II.


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Written by Ivan Petricevic

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