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US Army Medical Center Houses Alien Tissue Claims Chief Medical Examiner

According to the claims of a US Chief Medical Examiner who worked at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, there are "alien" specimens recovered from a UFO crash stored at the facility.


No one would have probably imagined some ten years ago that in th year 2022, people, the military, government, and science would be so into the UFO subject and consider the possibility humankind has been visited and is being visited by beings, not of this Earth. Things have changed drastically in the UFO community over the last couple of years. It probably started back in 2017 when several leaked videos of Navy pilots chasing “UFOs” appeared online. The videos opened the possibility that UFOs are more than just a conspiracy to many people who previously considered the subject a joke.

Today it is far from a joke. The Pentagon has its very own UFO office dedicated to studying the phenomenon. NASA has astrophysicists working in trying to understand what these unidentified objects are, and the United States Congress implied that whatever UFOs are, they are not from Earth. Who would have imagined a decade ago that this would become a reality?


Things have changed, and because of the fact that the UFO subject is now worth the most rigorous scientific study, it is prudent to look back into the past and analyze reports and alleged UFO encounters. It is important that we study the reports of UFO sightings of the past because these, too, could help us understand the phenomenon in a much better way.

And what UFO report is more apt to be studied than what is perhaps the most famous of them all? Roswell. This brings us to a man called Anthony Bragalia, who is famous in the UFO community for his contributions, analysis, and reporting about the phenomenon in a positive way.

The Walter Reed Army Medical Center is the leading military medical facility in the United States. This pathology hospital was founded in 1909 in honor of a pioneering Army pathologist. According to rumors, tissue samples were collected from the dead crew members of the 1947 Roswell UFO crash and are held in the Medical Center’s facilities located in a suburb of Washington, D.C.

And this rumor does not come from anyone. According to Bragalia, the claim was made by Dr. Chris Green, a prominent medical examiner and vice dean of Wayne State Medical School in Michigan, whose career began in federal service. As a senior analyst at the CIA, he worked in the neuroscience division in 1969. As well as holding the National Intelligence Medal, he is a National Lifetime Associate of the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences. In Dr. Green’s opinion, the Walter Reed Center is one of the most significant places to find evidence of extraterrestrial visits. It was revealed directly to him by the government’s top forensic pathologist, Dr. Charles Stahl.

Over the course of his career, Stahl enjoyed a distinguished career spanning four decades. A forensic pathologist, he served as chief medical examiner for the Armed Forces for the US Navy from 1962 to 1964. In the field of forensic pathology, he is recognized today as the “godfather” of the field, which deals with examining body tissues from deceased personnel – including pilots and other military personnel – for diagnostic or forensic purposes. In 1968, Stahl conducted an important medical examination on Senator Robert F. Kennedy, who was allegedly assassinated by Sirhan Sirhan. Additionally, he examined Apollo 1 astronauts Gus Grissom, Walter Chaffee, and Ed White, who died in a Cape Canaveral fire in 1967.


In other words, Dr. Charles Stahl held a very, very respected career, clearly being a pioneer and having the personnel to look up to him in his field. Knowing sources is of great importance when dealing with a subject like UFOs and possible alien visitations, especially at a time when UFOs are a mainstream thing, a scientific thing, and everyone is talking about them.

Dr. Green was subsequently contacted by researcher Anthony Bragalia for more details. In the spring of 1978, Dr. Green visited Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for professional reasons, where Dr. Stahl escorted him through the facility. The two men were walking across campus discussing medicine when Dr. Stahl stopped in the parking lot, raised an arm, pointed to the Pathology Building, and muttered something serious.

According to Bragalia’s article, Dr. Stahl looked into the companions’ eyes and said, “This is where the alien tissue samples are stored.” Dr. Green affirmed that Dr. Stahl was not joking. Now it is important, at this point, to mention that this event, which seems mind-boggling at first, took place long before overblown books about Roswell and aliens were published, and by that, I mean that it is highly unlikely that any form of conspiracy might have crept into the conversation and the statements that were made.

In his memoir, he recalls being silently stunned, shocked, and feeling privileged. “I would have liked to learn more, but he didn’t,” he said. The subject was brought up again sometime later by Dr. Green to Stahl. Stahl replied, “I’d love to hear what you learn about the case” (presumably from other sources).

Given Dr. Stahl’s background, it is understandable that he would have been a key player in the continued study of the specimens if he had known where the extraterrestrial material was stored. The analysis of extraterrestrial specimens would have continued for decades, even if he hadn’t been directly involved in the aftermath of Roswell in 1947, since at the time of the “event” he was still in med school. Nonetheless, throughout the years, new technologies and techniques, which would probably be applicable to alien samples, would have enabled him to continue the analysis for years and even decades to come.

In Stahl’s time at Reed, many cutting-edge analytical tools and techniques were developed that made it possible to study molecules, cells, and tissues in ways never possible before. In Stahl’s reference to “storing extraterrestrial biomaterials at Reed,” he called it “tissue samples,” which are cells or fragments of tissue taken from an organism for examination, analysis, or propagation.

Extraterrestrial tissue would certainly have “abnormalities,” assuming that aliens exist and have different characteristics from humans, according to tissue analysis. It gives valuable information about cellular, genetic, and histological structures and detects abnormalities. Charles Stahl, Jr., the firstborn son of Dr. Stahl, was located and interviewed by Bragalia as part of his research on this topic.


Charles was very forthcoming and happy to talk to the investigator when contacted by Bragalia. Stahl Jr. is now the Deputy City Manager of Johnson City, TN. According to his son, his father was involved in examining the Apollo 1 astronauts’ remains and in RFK’s autopsy. Regarding such “sensational” cases, he spoke of his work in a limited way, and he respected this, never pressing him on it.

Even though Stahl Jr. did not confess to knowing about aliens, he still believes his father may have been in a unique position, with the appropriate qualifications and clearance, to have been involved in the forensic examination of aliens, since he believes aliens probably exist, in his own opinion.

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