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Sentient Unveiled: This Highly Classified AI Can “See” and “Detect” UFOs

According to a series of partially declassified documents, a highly classified AI system is capable of "seeing" and "detecting" UFOs. Unlike any other AIs in existence, Sentient differs in the degree of independence. Usually, the algorithm works with the loaded information, but Sentient can even direct satellites to obtain images of the objects it needs.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has fundamentally transformed the way we analyze data and conduct scientific research across various fields, including astronomy, engineering, and archaeology. With the rapid evolution of AI systems, we have now reached a point where secretive AI programs are capable of “seeing” and “identifying” UFOs. One such (chances are there are others too) highly classified AI system is Sentient, designed to process vast amounts of data and detect unexplained aerial phenomena.

The importance of understanding UFOs cannot be overstated, as they represent a potentially significant aspect of our world that remains unexplored. Investigating their origins and nature could shed light on advanced technologies, unknown life forms, or even other civilizations, ultimately enriching our understanding of the universe and our place within it. As AI systems like Sentient continue to advance, they hold the promise of unlocking the enigma of UFOs and potentially revolutionizing our perception of the cosmos.


Unmasking the Unknown: Sentient AI Detects UFOs

Recent documents obtained via the Freedom of Information Act reveal that a classified artificial intelligence system known as Sentient can “see and detect” UFOs. In 2021, the US National Reconnaissance Office’s (NRO) highly classified system detected an atypical “ticking” shaped object, smaller than 10 meters, which stood out from typical aircraft signatures.

Sentient: A Glimpse into a Dystopian Sci-Fi World

Sentient, an AI system shrouded in secrecy, is said to be an all-encompassing analysis tool capable of processing various data types, understanding the past and present, predicting the future, and directing satellites to areas of interest. Journalist Sarah Scoles discussed this AI system, as per the Black Vault, in a 2019 article published in The Verge.

We also covered an article on Curiosmos in 2021 about it, you can read it here. As we explained in that article, “Unlike any other AIs in existence, Sentient differs in the degree of independence. Usually, the algorithm works with the loaded information, but Sentient can even direct satellites to get images of the objects it needs. In fact, it can be called an artificial brain.”

The Unveiling: Sentient’s UFO Detection Abilities

In 2022, multiple documents disclosed under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) confirmed Sentient’s ability to detect UFOs. Investigator Kyle Warfel submitted one such document to The Black Vault, which he obtained through his own FOIA request.

Unraveling the Mystery: NRO Documents Shed Light on UAP Sighting

While researching the topic, The Black Vault discovered numerous records released by the NRO concerning a 2022 Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) sighting that had gone unnoticed by the media. The original requester remains unknown. The UAP was detected on May 6, 2021, and various NRO records provide some minor details, such as the object’s vague resemblance to previous detections of airborne objects by US Navy aircraft and vessels in redacted and censored operational areas.


Location Unknown: Linking the UAP to Past Encounters

The exact location of the object’s detection remains undisclosed, but a redacted NRO PowerPoint presentation connects prior US Navy sightings to the 2004 Nimitz encounter. The presentation also stated that the object was likely not a sensor artifact or focal plane anomaly, warranting further image analysis. A second observation of the UAP detected by at least one other sensor reinforced this conclusion.

Further Analysis: Delving Deeper into Sentient’s UAP Detection Capabilities

If true, this implies that multiple sensors captured the same object in the same area, allowing for a more comprehensive analysis. This is actually a huge deal. However, the specifics of this analysis will probably remain classified due to existing censorship. It is clear that the NRO’s Sentient program can detect UAPs and may even possess a built-in model for such tasks. Automatization and artificial intelligence? Whoa!

Unanswered Questions: What the Future Holds for Sentient and UAP Detection

The Black Vault filed a request for additional images, but it is possible that the request has already been reviewed and denied, as suggested by fully redacted pages within the release. At least 24 pages were withheld in full alongside the release of the two NRO PowerPoint presentations, making it unclear if any of these pages contained images of the same sighting mentioned earlier.

Mysterious Communications: Emails Between UAP Task Force and NRO

Another set of records released included a series of heavily redacted emails exchanged between what is likely the UAP Task Force, the NRO, and a potential government contractor. With the heavy redactions, it is impossible to determine the exact identities of the correspondents.

Sentient’s UAP Detection Model: Awaiting Activation

What is apparent, however, is that the NRO’s Sentient program can be utilized to detect UAPs and may even have a dedicated model for this purpose. It simply needs to be “activated.” An email from June 29, 2021, with the subject line “Sentient R&D support to UAPTF” suggested that NRO’s Sentient R&D has a UAP model that can be turned on if requested by an external customer. Most responses to the email were heavily redacted, and it remains unclear if the UAP model was activated or what that activation entailed.

A Mysterious Vessel: Uncovering Potential Connections

As per the Black Vault, Sentient also detected another “vessel” approximately 15.5 miles (25 km) from the UAP. The vessel’s identity remains unknown due to redactions within the PowerPoint presentation. A reference is made to possible connections with command-and-control (C2) activities, but the redactions make it difficult to determine the exact nature of the proposed link. The vessel could be part of a surveillance operation, training exercise, or any number of possibilities, but without more information, any conclusion remains pure speculation.

Coincidence or Connection? The UAP Incident and the Mysterious Vessel

As the vessel’s detection relates to the UAP incident, it is worth noting that the two could be entirely unrelated, and their proximity might be a mere coincidence. Nevertheless, the connection between the unidentified vessel and the UAP sighting adds another layer of intrigue to this already enigmatic situation.


Sentient’s Role in Unraveling the UAP Mystery

The revelation of Sentient’s capabilities in detecting UFOs raises questions about the role of AI in uncovering the truth behind UAP sightings. While details remain heavily classified, the information released so far highlights the potential for AI systems like Sentient to shed light on unexplained aerial phenomena. As more information becomes available, the world may inch closer to understanding the mysteries surrounding these unidentified objects.

Click here for a link to the document archives at the Black Vault.

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