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Black Triangle UFOs, Top Secret Tech or Evidence of Alien Visitations?

For nearly a decade, these oddly-shaped, unidentified aircraft have been harassing Northern European airspace - and no answers have been forthcoming as to what they may have been.


In the UFO world, one of the most famous UFOs witnessed across the globe is the Black Triangle UFO.

It has been reported all over the world, from America to Europe to Asia and Africa. The military has been reported to have intercepted some of these UFOs, sometimes referred to as Diamond-shaped UFOs.


In fact, one of the most famous cases concerning black triangle UFOs is linked to an encounter between the military and unidentified objects. Fighter jets intercepted the objects in Belgium, NATO radar tracked them at incredible speeds, and one may have crashed at an RAF base.

For nearly a decade, these oddly-shaped, unidentified aircraft have been harassing Northern European airspace – and no answers have been forthcoming as to what they may have been. There remains a genuine mystery behind the triangle sightings of the 1980s and 1990s, according to former Ministry of Defence UFO investigator Nick Pope.

The Belgian UFO Wave

In November 1989, Belgium experienced its first UFO wave. Many reports were filed after the events and weeks after they occurred. Reports often mentioned large objects flying at low altitudes. According to some reports, the craft resembled a triangular flat surface with lights underneath.

During the night of 30–31 March 1990, Belgian UFO activity peaked. It was reported on the radar that night that two Belgian Air Force F-16s were sent to investigate an unknown object. The public did not report anything on the date.

One hundred forty-three reports of witnesses were received over the next two weeks, all of them after the event. Several others claimed to have witnessed these events as well during the subsequent months. The Belgian Air Force published a report detailing what transpired.

The fighter jets that were scrambled to intercept the objects resulted in inconclusive investigations. Fighter pilots attempted to lock on the mystery craft on several occasions but never managed to.

The diamond shape craft

In the “Calvine Photograph,” these triangles or diamonds are depicted in a most compelling manner.

The photo shows a strange diamond-shaped object that appeared to hover motionless in the sky for some time. In the background, a Harrier fighter jet is clearly visible. The witnesses who saw the diamond-shaped object in plain sight claim it jetted into the sky at a high rate of speed after a few minutes.

This is one of the strangest UFO encounters in the last few decades. In 1996, Pope published Open Skies, Closed Minds, revealing the existence of the photograph. However, he says he cannot confirm the veracity of the newly released image, which was discovered in a former RAF press officer’s possession.


However, the Calvine incident appears to have just been the tip of the iceberg – with reports of the sightings making it all the way up to the MPs and Lords in Westminster.

In an interview with The Sun Online, Mr. Pope said: “We were either dealing with a secret prototype aircraft or drone or with something extraterrestrial – and the possibility wasn’t dismissed.” During the time, the US air force chief was “incandescent with rage” after both the US and the UK began asking each other if each was testing secret prototype aircraft, Pope revealed.

Project Aurora?

An inadvertent allocation of $455 million for “black aircraft production” in FY 1987 led to the Aurora legend in March 1990, when Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine reported the story.

Rather than referring to one particular airframe, Aviation Week described Project Aurora as a collection of exotic aircraft. An Aviation Week procurement document obtained in 1986 suggests that the project received $2.3 billion in funding in fiscal 1987.

A former director of Lockheed’s Skunk Works division, Ben Rich, wrote in 1994 in his book Skunk Works that the Aurora was the budgetary code name for the stealth bomber fly-off that led to the B-2 Spirit.

There has been speculation that RAF Machrihanish could have been the headquarters for high-tech experimental aircraft called The Aurora, which were used by the Americans during the Cold War.

This alleged triangular craft is designed to reach hypersonic speeds of 6,000 mph during reconnaissance missions. Strangely, no definitive proof of the existence of such an aircraft has ever been made public by the Pentagon. Obviously, this could mean it was a top-secret project, and no information was supposed to be leaked to the public. But say Aurora was real, what would be the best place to test it out over the Atlantic?

Sun Online reports that RAF Machrihanish is an isolated base, with a 10,000 ft runway, on the Kintyre peninsula and was an emergency landing site for the space shuttle. A Naval Aviation Weapons Facility Machrihanish had been established on the base in the 1960s to store “classified weapons.”

The Calvine Photograph was taken in 1990, not too far from the base. If a top-secret aircraft did exist on the base, then could the Calvine craft been the Aurora craft or another experimental vehicle and not definitive evidence of alien tech?

As a result of the official secrets act, Pope was unable to go into detail about the base. However, he said it would be a “perfect location” for the US to test an experimental craft over the ocean.

As revealed by the Sun Online, RAF Machrihanish air traffic controllers were said to have detected an unexplained blip in 1992. An air traffic controller contacted the base after receiving a report of an object traveling three times the speed of sound. It is alleged that he was ordered to forget what he had witnessed and not mention it again.


The Phoenix Lights

A widely reported black triangle appearance occurred near Phoenix, Arizona, during the “Phoenix Lights” events, which took place between Thursday, March 13, 1997, and Friday, March 14, 1997.

A large “V” formation of objects/lights appeared to linger for several minutes after some of them were observed. Some residents reported that one of the black triangles was over a mile wide and drifted slowly over their houses, blocking out stars.

The US Air Force concluded in an official report that aircraft-launched flares were tested locally during that time period.

However, to this date, the many people that witnessed the strange craft in the sky claim these were not flares but actual, massive craft.

In his book Triangular UFOs: An Estimate of the Situation, UFO researcher David Marler examines more than 17,000 case files involving unidentified triangular craft, sometimes known as black triangles. Whatever the purpose of the sightings, whether it is a U.S. spycraft or something of unknown origin, remains a mystery. Marler speculates they are engaged in “surveillance of some kind, or scanning.” Considering their consistent hovering behavior. A topographic analysis is also possible.”

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