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NASA’s New Spacecraft Will Carry Message to Aliens Artist's impression of the Lucy as it passes near a Trojan asteroid with Jupiter in the distant background. Credit: Southwest Research Institute

NASA’s New Spacecraft Will Carry Message to Aliens

NASA’s new interplanetary Lucy mission, scheduled for launch into space in October 2021, will carry a “time-capsule” with famous quotes from prominent members of society or history. Since the station will continue to orbit Earth for hundreds of thousands of years, perhaps it will one day be found by our distant descendants or perhaps even aliens.

Will GPS Work On The Moon? PNT beacons can be deployed in orbit to penetrate the lunar surface and enable consistent wireless connectivity for the lunar navigation system. Credit: Masten

Will GPS Work On The Moon?

The American company Masten Space Systems will develop a lunar navigation system based on surface radio beacons. The device in lunar orbit will drop beacons to the surface that will be adapted for a hard landing and will be able to provide positioning for other satellites and spacecraft in lunar orbit, without the use of terrestrial navigation systems.