A photograph taken by the Curiosity over showing what appears to be a UFO. NASA.

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Snaps Photo of UFO on Mars

According to UFO hunters, NASA's Curiosity rover has taken a photograph of a UFO on Mars.


The world is all about UFOs this year. 2022 has changed so much in regard to how people see and think of UFOs. But not only has it changed for ordinary people. The aura surrounding UFOs has drastically changed in the government sector as well. More importantly, scientists have now become curious about UFOs. Scientific curiosity has finally connected with the phenomena, and as we recently reported, NASA has published the names of the scientists that will study UFOs. We have finally reached the age where we can approach the UFO phenomena with seriousness. People finally look at UFOs as something worth rigorous scientific study.

And while many UFO sightings take place each day on Earth, strange things seem to be happening elsewhere in the solar system. To be more specific, Mars. The red planet has attracted interest among paranormal lovers ever since the first images of Mars were beamed back to Earth years ago. With several orbiters, landers, and rovers on Mars, we are getting a ton of data from the red planet. One of the longest-serving rovers on Mars is Curiosity. This particular rover is known for many of its photographs of mars showing what UFOlogoists call anomalies. In the past, we have reported on numerous such anomalies. But, most of the time, what we see in the images from Mars are objects that resemble shapes we are familiar with on Earth.



This is due to a phenomenon called Pareidolia. In science, Pareidolia has been named as the tendency for some people to perceive shapes or images in random or ambiguous visual patterns. Pareidolia can make us see things that aren’t really as they seem. For example, if you look at the sky and see a cloud in the shape of a unicorn, its not because there is a unicorn there. It is because your brain is making a connection between something you are familiar with and the cloud. This is true for many photographs beamed back from Mars. They are, simply put, a figment of your imagination.

This is the second image taken by Curiosity 12 seconds after the first photograph that seemed to show a UFO. NASA.
This is the second image taken by Curiosity 12 seconds after the first photograph that seemed to show a UFO. NASA.

But there’s more

But there is indeed more. Not all such artifacts are just figments of your imagination. On many occasions, there are some really weird things in the photographs from Mars. One of my favorite anomalies on Mars is this mysterious object, photographed years ago by curiosity. It resembles some sort of crazy-looking Martian crab. Although it could possibly just be a weirdly shaped rock, it leaves room for more exotic explanations. And when saying exotic explanations, what I mean, of course, is life on Mars. Although if there is life on Mars, it is probably microscopic, we can wonder if, by some miracle, there is more than just that. Interestingly, on numerous occasions, UFO hunters implied just that. And as evidence, they made use of photographs taken by landers and rovers on the red planet.

Recently, another curious image by curiosity made headlines in social media posts. In one of the shots by the rover, a mysterious elongated object is seen in the air. 12 seconds later, in another shot, the object is gone. This has led some people to question whether there’s a chance that there are UFOs in the Martian skies. I mean, if these things exist on Earth, what makes us think that they wouldn’t be on Mars? And when I say things, by that, I mean UFOs being alien tech. Ben Hansen, TV host of Discovery+, posted on Twitter two of the rover’s images. “Mars rover Curiosity photographed an object that appears to be airborne. 12 sec. later it’s gone,” he wrote on his account. What the object in question is, remains a mystery. You can check out the original raw image here.


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Written by Ivan Petricevic

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