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New Documentary Reveals Exciting Details on Mass UFO Sighting Over Lake Michigan

One of these objects was moving 20 miles in less than a second. This means they were traveling at 115,000 kilometers per hour. This is fast enough to fly from New York to Los Angeles in just two minutes.


Now that UFOs have become a “thing,” it is important to look back into the past. By doing so, we can reanalyze some of the most reported UFO sightings in history. On March 8, 1994, something supernatural took place in Lake Michigan, US. More than 300 residents reported observing strange lights in the sky. Some of these lights traveled at incredible speed. Some of them made incredible maneuvers. And the UFOs were spotted hovering over the water. Although nearly three decades have passed since the events took place, the case remains a mystery. Netflix’s reboot of the legendary series Unsolved Mysteries is trying to solve the mystery.

Mass UFO sighting

That night, residents living along Lake Michigan’s shores observed one of the world’s largest UFO sightings. Luminous orbs dancing erratically in the night sky were seen as far south as the Indiana state line over the water. Many callers reported the strange flying objects to the local police. In addition, concerned citizens called dispatchers more than 300 times. It was later confirmed by the National Weather Service (NWS) that there were large objects in the sky above the lake, objects that were not planes. Through the radar system, NWS meteorologist Jack Bushong, in charge of his office at the Muskegon County Airport at the time, recorded these objects’ coordinated rapid speed and movement.

Although the meteorologist accomplished this feat while communicating with local police, who verified the UFOs’ high speeds and impossible maneuvers, he refused to discuss the incident for professional reasons. Additionally. the NWS also asked him not to speak to the media about the matter for fear of losing his credibility or being ridiculed by his colleagues. However, Bushong admitted to seeing Lake Michigan UFOs in 1994 after retiring from the NWS in 2016. He made this declaration in the Something in the Sky episode of Unsolved Mysteries, which premiered on Tuesday, October 18.

Airplanes or not?

The objects appeared to be airplanes in all respects. However, they did not act as if it were the case. As a result of the amount of energy returned by the echoes, we know they were solid, smooth, and highly reflective objects. A triangular formation was observed on radar returns as the UFOs came and flew at an altitude of approximately 2,000 meters. One of the objects, the northernmost light, soared 32 km over the lake’s waters and hovered over it. Several other people formed a triangle again and hovered for a few seconds. Also, during the documentary, Bushong said that he could not think of anything in nature that had done what the UFOs were doing, noting that it seemed like they were trying to draw attention to themselves.


High speed

“In that area of southern Lake Michigan, they stopped and stayed for several hours. I watched them the entire time. I could see dozens and dozens of other objects along the way. The team did maneuvers like flying from 1,000 meters or 1,500 meters below to 15,000 meters in a matter of seconds,” he said. “One of these objects was moving 20 miles in less than a second. This means they were traveling at 115,000 kilometers per hour. This is fast enough to fly from New York to Los Angeles in just two minutes. Bushong concluded, “I do not know of any technology that can travel at that speed.” Bushong excluded any meteorological explanation for the occurrence.

Furthermore, Bushong’s desire to continue working motivated him to keep quiet for so long. Having only worked for the NWS for three years at the time of the Lake Michigan incident, he had not developed the strong scientific reputation he had developed over decades of service. He still feared mockery, even after he was promoted.

UFO/UAP Report

In 2016, after he retired from the NWS, he began sharing his experiences with small media outlets. After the UAP Report was released in June 2021, he felt confident enough to speak out. UAPs/UFOs were officially acknowledged as a national security issue by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence in this document. According to Bushong, learning that the military and government were taking UFOs seriously prompted him to reexamine his own experience. Bushong plans to publish his investigation as an open-source work as well.


What people of Lake Michigan observed that night remains a mystery. Based on the information available, we can conclude that the objects were moving too erratically and too fast to have been airplanes, helicopters, or balloons. These characteristics are eerily similar to the UFOs that have been encountered by Navy pilots in recent years. This leads us to believe that whatever the people of Lake Michigan saw, it was likely not of this earth.

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