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Cube-Shaped UFOs; Not Drones, Not Balloons, so What Are They?

One Fighter pilot recounts a cube-shaped UFO surrounded by a clear sphere that was just "flying alongside the pilot" at an approximate distance of some 30 feet. The cube-shaped UFO had no wings, flaps, tails, or visible propulsion means.


The Age of UFO transparentness is upon us. Finally, some would say. It is no longer a conspiracy to discuss UFO sightings, and UFO reports from the past and present are being analyzed with great scientific care. NASA has tasked a group of astrophysicists to try and explain UFOs and find out whether their nature is indeed not of this Earth. This paradigm shift has motivated many aviators to come forward and share their stories, and what they have to say is of great importance, as it can greatly contribute to our understanding of unidentified flying objects.

Naval Aviators have reported encountering strange “Black Cube” UFOs that were surrounded by strange clear spheres. Some of these cube-shaped UFOs even shadowed some, and many airplanes nearly collided with them. So this begs the question, what have aviators encountered? Based on their reports and comments, these objects were not weather balloons, were not drones, and seemed like nothing humankind has ever produced.


Some of these objects display characteristics that are unlike any modern-day aircraft. The technology at their disposal, as per comments made by fighter pilots, is beyond anything we know of. But the danger about these objects resides not only in the fact that we do not know what they are or whom they belong to; the greater danger resides in the fact that on numerous occasions, fighter pilots have almost collided with these mysterious objects. As penned down by Marik Von Rennenkampff for The Hill, Fighter pilots narrowly escaped disaster in 2014 when the jets were flying in controlled airspace and almost collided with an unidentified flying object. But this is just one of many examples. In fact, fighter pilots have reported seeing these objects “everywhere.”


In the piece, Rennenkampff had asked former fighter pilot Ryan Graves about UFO encounters. The experienced pilot answered that he and his colleagues saw these objects near airports and over the continental United States. On many occasions, these objects appeared hundreds of miles out to sea. ” There’s air traffic operation, and they’re operating in ways that are befuddling our aviators,” the experienced fighter pilot revealed in the interview. One of the perhaps more interesting UFO encounters that took place near an airport is the so-called Aguadilla UFO that took place in 2013 in Puerto Rico. At the time, a United States Customs and Border plane spotted a mysterious fast-moving object near the airport. This UFO headed out towards the ocean, splashed into the sea as if it did not even make contact with the water, reappeared, and then spit into two. You can read more about it here.

Perhaps what is most interesting is an encounter recalled by Graves that took place off the East Coast in 2014, when a fighter pilot described a dark cube-shaped UFO that was surrounded by some sort of clear sphere. What is most interesting is that this UFO had no wings, flaps, tails, and no visible propulsion system. But these encounters with the enigmatic cube-shaped UFOs are by no means isolated events. In fact, Graves recalls that a few years after the 2014 incident, a test pilot had spoken with Graves about encountering such an object.

According to the test pilot, the cube-shaped UFO surrounded by a clear sphere was just “flying alongside the pilot” at an approximate distance of some 30 feet. Eventually, the object just accelerated and disappeared. The exact origin of these objects remains a profound mystery. However, with the age of UFO transparency finally, upon us, we may finally get a better understanding of what these objects are. NASA is putting great effort into trying to find out what these objects are, the Pentagon has a UFO office that is investing a great amount of money and time in discovering their source, and the US Congress, in the meanwhile, seems convinced these things are not of this planet.


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Written by Ivan Petricevic

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