A screenshot of the Aguadilla UFO, circled in red. Image Credit: United States Border and Customs patrol.

UFO Investigator Says UFO That Split In Two Was Not of this World

The Aguadilla UFO Encounter took place in Puerto Rico when a US Customs and Border Patrol plane spotted an object flying near the airport. The UFO dives into the ocean seamlessly, reappears, and then splits into two different objects before disappearing.


Back in 2013, the Aguadilla Coast Guard encountered something the pilots had never before seen. It wasn’t a plane, it wasn’t a bird, it was not a balloon, and neither was it Superman. Just after dark, in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, the crew of a United States Customs and Border Patrol plane was taking off for a routine mission when they noticed a strange light approaching them from the northwest. To investigate further, the pilots decide to turn on their thermal imaging cameras to better track the approaching object.

What they eventually see on their monitor is a fast-moving, spherical object near the airport. As they track the object flying through the air, it changes direction and heads out toward the ocean. The pilots continue tracking the object, and then, something mind-boggling happens; the object appears to enter the water, but it does so without producing a splash as if water offered no resistance to it. Seconds later, the object re-emerges, again seamlessly, as if it could manipulate both air and water. As it reappeared above the ocean, something even more extraordinary happened: the object split in two.


Eventually, after following and tracking the object, it disappeared into the distance and out of view of pilots who were unable to track it further. Puerto Rico is known as a hotspot for so-called Unidentified Subermged Vehicles. These objects are what some call transmedium UFOs and have the ability to fly through the air and then enter oceans, or lakes, as if air or water offered no resistance or as if the objects were able to manipulate them.


(Click here for the Aguadilla UFO Video)

The video of the Aguadilla sighting, which at the time was leaked and not declassified, was eventually sent to the so-called Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU), which analyzed and scrutinized the video. Their conclusion was that the object that flies above the ocean, then reemerges and splits into two, is not of this world. You can read their conclusion by clicking here. Even more interesting is the fact that this video was not recorded by a civilian; it comes directly from a United States Customs and Border Patrol plane, using a million-dollar camera, which in turn means that any serious scientific organization willing to analyze the video has at their disposal a ton of data.

These so-called transmedium UFOs are of particular interest to the government. The Pentagon recently rebranded its UFO office. It changed its name and included, which is of particular interest, in their list of studies, the transmedium type of UFO. A transmedium-type UFO is what we witnessed in the Aguadilla sighting. Even more interesting so is that the United States Congress implied, not long ago, that UFOs are a technology that comes not from this world.


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Written by Ivan Petricevic

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