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Newly declassified documents reveal shocking details about UFO sightings in Antarctica in 1962

Antarctica has always been a source of mystery and intrigue, but a recently declassified document has shed new light on an old mystery - UFO sightings in the frozen continent. The document reveals previously unknown details about the strange sightings and raises new questions about what might be happening in one of the most remote and inaccessible places on Earth.


Unearthed Document Confirms Strange Antarctic UFO Activity in the 1960s

In the early 1960s, a string of peculiar UFO sightings occurred in the Antarctic region. A newly discovered document now corroborates these unexplained events in the skies over the icy continent.

Brazilian researcher, author, and archivist Rodrigo Moura Visoni recently uncovered and digitized Bulletin 62-36 from the United States Antarctic Research Program, which operates under the National Science Foundation (NSF). On page two of the document, a section titled “Hallett, July 7, 1962. A light like a basketball on the base” details an intriguing event:

Bizarre Sky Phenomenon at Hallett Station

Hallett Station reported that on July 7 at 11:15 (GMT), several people witnessed a bright light traversing the sky from the southern to the northern horizon in 3-4 minutes. The object appeared to consist of three separate lights, with the largest emitting a visible vapor trail in the moonlit sky. As the object neared the true north and hovered just above the horizon, a bright flash of light occurred, but the object’s course remained unchanged. This marked the second such sighting at Hallett that winter, with the first occurring on June 7. On March 18, personnel at the SANAE base on the opposite side of the continent had also observed a similar luminous object.


Antarctica and UFOs

Researcher Rubén Morales previously mentioned this case in his book “Los OVNIs de la Antártida” (Antarctica’s UFOs), citing specialized sources such as New Zealand’s Antarctic magazine and declassified files from the renowned Project Blue Book. Notably, in 1962, the Hallett Antarctic Station was jointly operated by New Zealand and the United States. “This document now confirms it,” said the author. He also pondered the possibility of countless other cases and reports on strange lights lying forgotten on library shelves.

Future Discoveries Await as Archives Become Digitized

An image of the documents
The documents that mention the UFO sighting over Antarctica. Image Credit: Rodrigo Moura Visoni.

Morales concluded by emphasizing the potential for more documents to surface soon, thanks to the ongoing digitization of archives and the effectiveness of algorithmic searches. As evidenced by the recently unearthed NSF 62-36 bulletin, these future discoveries may further shed light on the enigmatic UFO sightings in Antarctica.

UFOs Attracting Serious Scientific Attention and Government Efforts

In recent years, UFOs have transformed from a fringe topic to a subject of rigorous scientific study. Leading agencies such as NASA and the Pentagon have dedicated significant resources to understanding these mysterious objects. The shift in perception has been fueled by numerous credible reports from military personnel and commercial pilots, as well as the release of previously classified information. As a result, the scientific community and government bodies are working together to determine the origin and nature of these unexplained aerial phenomena.


Unidentified Submerged Objects (USOs) Gain Spotlight Amid UFO Research

Alongside the growing interest in UFOs, more attention has been directed toward unidentified submerged objects (USOs) – mysterious entities that are sighted over or near bodies of water. Some researchers suggest that USOs could be linked to UFOs, as numerous sightings occur in close proximity to oceans, lakes, and rivers. This correlation has prompted further investigation into the possibility of underwater bases or other concealed origins. As the study of UFOs and USOs continues to gain momentum, both the scientific community and the general public eagerly await new discoveries that could reshape our understanding of these enigmatic occurrences.

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