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Flying Saucer Plunges Into Lake Titicaca Reappears Moments Later

People reported seeing a flying saucer float in the air, eventually plunge into the lake, and reemerge moments later, flying into space.


UFO sightings are becoming ever more popular. People seem to be finally prepared to try and document the sightings as they take place. Now, reports from a town in Bolivia mention an unidentified flying object plunge into Lake Titicaca. Lake Titicaca is one of Bolivia’s most famous lakes. But not only is Lake Titicaca one of the most famous lakes in Bolivia, but it is also a lake that is shrouded in myths, legends, and mysteries. The UFO phenomenon is not alien to this body of water. In fact, since time immemorial, people have reported seeing strange lights, objects, and shapes emerge and plunge into the lake.


The sun and moon are believed to have been created on Lake Titicaca by Viracocha, the creator deity originally worshipped by pre-Inca Peruvians. As legend has it, Viracocha spent time teaching men the arts of civilization after creating the heavens and earth. His trek westward across the Pacific began at Manta (Ecuador), and he promised himself one day to return. In some representations, he is portrayed as an old man wearing a beard (the symbol of a water god) and a long robe. Viracocha’s cult dates back thousands of years, and he may be the weeping god carved in megalithic ruins near Lake Titicaca.


A flying saucer

Therefore, this lake has been connected to the “instructor gods” who were responsible not only for Tiahuanaco’s wonders but also for South America’s finest empire’s history. According to the ARV (Al Rojo Vivo) media, residents have captured images of a “saucer-shaped metal object” that plunged into Lake Titicaca, only to resurface and shoot up into the skies. As per the news agency, “People saw a strange device floating in place, just before submerging itself into the lake, and then shooting out into space.”

UFOs, lakes and oceans

Recently, a lot has been said about UFOs, oceans, and lakes. In fact, several videos filmed by the military show mysterious objects plunging into the water. But these objects do so with apparent ease, almost as if water or air had no effect on the objects. One such example is this video filmed by a military helicopter. It shows a mysterious object flying in the air, only to plunge into the ocean seamlessly. Moments later, the object reappears, splits into two, and vanishes from sight. What these objects are remains a mystery. Nonetheless, NASA has over a dozen scientists working tirelessly to try and figure out where these objects come from.


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