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RAF Attempted to Shoot Down a UFO Over UK Claims Former Intelligence Officer

According to a former military intelligence officer, fighter pilots fired upon a UFO. Still, the object was surrounded by what seemed to be a protective force field, therefore preventing any of the weapons from impacting it.


Much has been said about UFOs in the past few months. There has been a paradigm shift in the way people, science, the military, and the government perceive the idea that UFOs are indeed not of this planet. Most people have seen a UFO at least once. Some have even seen them more than once, others claim to have had close encounters, and then there are Navy videos that show fighter pilots even trying to catch them.

Some, however, claim to have confidential information about pilots, even engaging UFOs. This was revealed today by a former military counterintelligence officer, who says that the Royal Airforce even attempted to shoot down a UFO. However, despite a large number of missiles and shots, the RAF was unable to shoot down the mysterious object. In an interview on the Disclosure Team YouTube channel with Vinnie Adams, Franc Milburn made the statement.

As a former UK Defense Intelligence Officer and Army Paratrooper, Milburn has over 23 years of experience in assessing threats and risks for clients operating in hostile environments, including North Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and the Middle East. He has written peer-reviewed articles for several globally ranked think tanks, including the Middle East Economic Survey, the Counterterrorism Center at West Point, and Tel Aviv University’s Institute for National Security Studies. Furthermore, he is a research associate at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies at Bar-Illan University, as well as a member of the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies.

He was asked if he witnessed any unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) during his extensive military or intelligence career based on questions submitted by the public. And perhaps unsurprisingly, he answered positively. “Yes, during my intelligence career, I was in contact with pilots who carried out interceptions of UAPs,” he replied. Adams then asked the former intelligence officer to elaborate on it.


As a UAP flew over restricted space in the UK, there was a kinetic effort to shoot it down. Milburn says the RAF tried radar missiles and heat-seeking missiles, and when they got close to the object, they used the aircraft’s internal cannon to hit it. “But they were unable to destroy it,” he said. It wasn’t possible to bring down the UAP, which was viewed at the time as a threat.” And that’s where the story really gets interesting, with the former officer telling an amazing story that may remind many of films like Independence Day.”

Based on the pilots’ later statements, Milburn believes that a force field surrounded the UAP that effectively prevented missiles and artillery from impacting it. Considering his guest’s response, Adams noted that the event reminded him of the 1976 incident in Tehran when the UFO directly deactivated the weapons of the planes that were attempting to intercept and shoot it down.

A US congressman said not long ago that it is very likely that some crashed UFOs may have been acquired by governments and that some may have even reverse-engineered the technology.

The full interview by clicking here.


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