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UFOs Crowd Ukraine’s Airspace, Astronomers Decide to Study Them In-Depth

Researchers found that the UFOs were flying at speeds between 3 and 15 degrees per second and detected them flying alone, in groups, and squadrons. Observations of Phantoms (a particular UFO spotted by the astronomers) in the troposphere are made at distances between 10 and 12 kilometers. It is estimated that they are 3 to 12 meters in size and can travel at speeds of up to 15 kilometers per second.

The way we look at the UFO phenomenon has drastically changed in recent years. A surge in UFO interest can probably be traced back to a few years ago when videos filmed by Navy pilots were leaked to the public. These videos show fighter jets pursuing objects that have no apparent propulsion system, wings, or anything else related to flying vehicles created by humankind.

The videos offered more questions than answers, and due to National Security concerns, the United States Government decided to figure out what these objects were. During this process, a lot of things came out to the public, like a government-funded UFO study group that had been investigating these objects in secrecy. We found out that despite the fact that the government had denied any involvement in the study of UFOs  (or UAP as they are referred to now) this was not the case.

And boy, did things change. All of a sudden, not only is the Pentagon interested in the subject, but they have recently rebranded their UFO office and are even keen on studying so-called Transmedium UFOs. NASA, which formerly denied any interest in UFOs, decided to open up a group dedicated to studying UFOs, and the people behind it are famous astrophysicists. If this wasn’t enough, there is more. Apparently, the US Congress is really convinced that UFOs aren’t secret technology from Russia, China, or another country. In fact, they’ve implied that UFOs might be extraterrestrial craft.

And I agree that this might very well be the case, not just because I want to believe, but because I have witnessed on several occasions things I could not attribute to any flying vehicle I have seen. In other words, I have seen UFOs on several occasions. I have seen objects, bright objects stationary in the sky, and then move at mind-bending speeds, disappearing into the sky. Studying such objects is of the essence, and this is precisely what scientists in war-torn Ukraine have done.

In the course of the war, Ukraine’s airspace has been busy, and I do not mean busy in a good way. However, in addition to the fighter jets and helicopters that crowd the sky, there are other objects that seem to have sneaked by, and these objects are likely nothing we have on Earth. In a preprint paper published by Kyiv’s Main Astronomical Observatory in cooperation with the National Academy of Science, scientists in the country see something they didn’t expect: An inordinate number of UFOs.There is no mention of the war in the paper, nor does anything related to war appear.

What if these objects that are crowding Ukranian skies are not technology that is from Earth? Pentagon has long speculated, hinted, and warned that UFOs could be advanced technology from foreign militaries, specifically China and Russia (but hasn’t provided any evidence that this is actually the case). Despite the war, science has continued to occur in Ukraine, and a large number of sightings have been reported.

According to the study, “we see them everywhere.” A significant number of objects are unexplainable in nature. In the paper, observations of aerial phenomena are based on observations made at the National Astronomical Center of Ukraine’s Main Astronomical Observatory in Kyiv and a village south of Kyiv called Vinarivka. It was the enthusiasm around UFOs that inspired the observatories to take on the task of hunting for them as independent projects.

In the study, researchers describe a type of UFO called the phantom, which is a completely black object that emits no radiation and absorbs all radiation that falls upon it. The researchers also noted that the UFOs being seen are so fast that it is difficult to photograph them. According to the paper, “the eye cannot fix phenomena that last less than a tenth of a second.” Recognition of events requires four-tenths of a second. [Unidentified aerial phenomenon] cannot also be captured by ordinary photo or video recordings. The shutter speed, frame rate, and dynamic range of the equipment need to be fine-tuned to detect UAP.

As a result, the researchers used meteor monitoring stations in Kyiv and Vinarivka to accomplish what they needed to do. In the paper, the authors wrote, “We have developed an observation technique that takes account of the high speeds of the objects we observe.” “The exposure time was chosen so that the image of the object did not shift significantly during exposure. The frame rate was chosen to consider the object’s speed and the field of view of the camera. In practice, the exposure time was less than 1 ms, and the frame rate was no less than 50 Hz.”

Observations have been divided into two categories by scientists: cosmics and phantoms. As a result of their luminous nature, cosmic objects are brighter than the sky as a background. According to the paper, scientists gave the objects names of birds (swift, falcon, eagle). A phantom is a dark object with a contrast ranging from several to about fifty percent. The scientists observed strange objects moving in the sky using the cameras, located roughly 75 miles apart. The paper didn’t speculate about what the objects were. It just noted their incredible speeds and noted observations. Researchers found that the UFOs were flying at speeds between 3 and 15 degrees per second and detected them flying alone, in groups, and squadrons. Observations of Phantoms in the troposphere are made at distances between 10 and 12 kilometers. It is estimated that they are 3 to 12 meters in size and can travel at speeds of up to 15 kilometers per second.

A missile or rocket or another item associated with war is the easiest explanation. Despite this, scientists maintain that their nature is unclear. Studies like these should be applauded by the scientific community for many reasons. Above all, such papers promote the very nature of science which is curiosity, and we should be very curious about the nature of these objects, whose presence on Earth is likely traced back to ancient times.

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Written by Ivan Petricevic

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