The Day Albert Einstein Stopped the US Government From Shooting Down UFOs

"...several prominent scientists, including Albert Einstein, protested the order to the White House and urged that it be rescinded, not only in the interest of future intergalactic peace but also in the interest of self-preservation: Extraterrestrials would certainly look upon an attack by primitive jet firepower as a breach of universal laws of hospitality..."


Although much has been said about UFOs in the past few years, the phenomenon is not a recent one. UFOs have been reported throughout history, and some accounts of strange objects in the skies can be traced back to ancient times.

Recently, however, with new technology and state-of-the-art fighter jets used by countries around the world, recording these enigmatic objects is much easier.


Evidence of that is the videos filmed by Navy Fighter Pilots and Navy personnel aboard warships off the coast of the United States.

While these objects have been recorded, and military personnel has probably attempted to communicate with them, few have wondered why the military has not shot at them or attempted to bring them down.

We recently published an article about a Freedom of Information Act request that revealed a seriesof internal NASA documents that make reference to Unidentified Flying Objects, including the study of “extreme acceleration by UAP — UFOs.”

Foo Fighters

We can probably find one piece of the answer dating back to the year 1952.

While the Pentagon claims it has no idea what these objects are, it has been avoiding confrontation with them since 1952, when President Harry Truman reversed a direct order to shoot down UFOs following a surge over Washington, D.C. (and throughout the country).

According to a historical report (see this PDF), this was due to renowned scientists Albert Einstein and others interceding and telling the president it wasn’t a good idea.

It wasn’t until 1949 that President Truman was directly involved in the flying saucer situation when he ordered a study of World War II’s “Foo Fighters” that plagued fighter pilots across the world.


During World War II, the Foo Fighters were spheres of light about a meter in diameter, chasing and pacing enemy aircraft.

Both sides suspected that the enemy might have used them as secret weapons. But there was no real answer to what these tiny flying objects were. Finally, in response to Truman’s order, General Jimmy Doolittle directed the study of the enigmatic flying vehicles. Still, he was ultimately unable to provide an explanation as to what the Foo Fighters were.

Truman, Einstein, and UFOs

According to the general, the origin of these mysterious balls of light was “probably extraterrestrial” since both sides had encountered them.

There followed decades of reports of UFO sightings among the US military, causing citizens to fear an uncontrollable situation would unleash. The Washington press corps began to demand answers in response to this disconcerting phenomenon, but it did so without speaking much about it.

Trying to stay on top of the situation, Truman supposedly stated through his press secretary: “I can assure you that flying saucers, given that they exist, are not constructed by any power on Earth.”

According to some reports, this statement was made at a conference held in Washington. Unfortunately, the president did not hold a press conference on the day in question as he was at his residence in Key West, Florida. It was known, however, that Charles Ross, his press secretary, usually met with reporters each day of the presidency to answer questions.

A Time magazine article later cited Ross as the source of the claim. According to the document dated April 17, 1950, Truman informed his press secretary that he did not know anything about the saucers.

But UFO sightings continued to be made across the country and worldwide.

An image showing UFOs flying over the Capitol in Washington D.C., July 26, 1952.
An image shows UFOs flying over the Capitol in Washington D.C. on July 26, 1952.

In 1952, however, large numbers of UFO sightings were reported across the United States. In two waves on July 19 and 26, they flew over the White House, the Capitol, and the Pentagon from three different locations revealed journalist Chet Dembeck on


The headlines about UFO sightings usually replaced those about the Democratic National Convention in national newspapers.

“A massive build-up of sightings over the Universe States in 1952,” wrote Gerald K. Haines in an article for the CIA, “especially in July, alarmed the Truman administration.

This was the main cause that would eventually lead the Truman administration to order the shooting down of the flying saucers. The Air Force gave a command order on July 26, 1952: “Shoot them down!”

“However, several prominent scientists, including Albert Einstein, protested the order to the White House and urged that it be rescinded, not only in the interest of future intergalactic peace but also in the interest of self-preservation: Extraterrestrials would certainly look upon an attack by primitive jet firepower as a breach of universal laws of hospitality, Haines wrote.

The order given to the Airforce to shoot down the flying saucers was consequently withdrawn at the White House at five in the afternoon. However, that same night the UFOS would return. And they would continue doing so to this day.

The UFO future

And while officially, there has been no record of the military –not just the United States Military– engaging a UFO, many conspiracies say otherwise.

Logic and reason would probably argue that any engagement would be beyond crazy.

To this date, we are still not sure what UFOs are, where they come from, and to whom they belong.

But this is probably going to change fast. Governments, scientists, and the military have never been so interested in the UFO phenomenon than today.

Space agencies such as NASA have created special groups to study the UAP and UFO phenomenon. Likewise, the Pentagon is very interested in finding out what UFOs are, and its recently named UFO Office — the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, or AARO — is paving the way forward.

The Galileo project, led by Professor Avi Loeb from Harvard, will also change how we study the UFO phenomenon. Using transparent, validated, and systematic scientific research, the Galileo Project seeks to bring the systematic scientific search for extraterrestrial technological artifacts to mainstream science from anecdotal observations and legends.

Don’t forget to read this article which dives into what top missile Defense Executives had to say about Unidentified Flying Objects.

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