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Several Airliner Pilots Report UFO Encounter Over Argentina

Several airliner pilots reported seeing mysterious lights that moved erratically in the sky, disappearing and reappearing randomly.


The pilots of three commercial aircraft traveling through Argentinian airspace were left stunned after two unidentified flying objects appeared to follow the airliners for a short distance. The audio conversation between the pilots reveals what they have seen. The crew of airplanes traveling to Bariloche in Argentina reportedly noticed the presence of two to three unidentified flying objects (UFOs) on the same air route last Friday.

The pilots claim a group of lights appeared before them in the middle of the cold night as if “greeting” them. According to Diario Jornada, the pilots of the two Aerolineas Argentinas aircraft were stunned to find that the objects they had encountered in the sky were not made on this Earth. The alleged audio recording of the pilots’ conversations is revealed in this video.

As per reports, the incident took place last Friday, September 9, between 11:00 p.m. and 11:30 p.m., in Choele Choel. The planes were destined for Bariloche, although they assure that another airline traveling to Ezeiza could also have detected the encounter.
According to the communications recovered by radio amateurs, who are dedicated to intercepting aerial conversations between pilots, that same night, a conversation was recorded where the pilots asked if they had just seen “the Polanco UFO.”

In the recording, we can hear one pilot ask, “Did we see the Polanco UFO?” to which his colleague replies: “I was about to ask the same thing.” In the conversation, they cite the case of pilot Jorge Polanco who in 1995 revealed that a UFO followed him for 17 minutes on the same route these aircraft were flying. As they pointed out in the conversation, there appeared to be a total of three UFOs that behaved erratically in the sky. The odd lights would disappear and then reappear again or travel abruptly up and down.


“The moon is to the East; this is a bit below the southern cross,” commented one of the pilots, adding: “We see the spectacle here. It is incredible.” Although some already speculated that the pilots might have witnessed Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites, experts say this was not the case since the SpaceX satellites had crossed the sky earlier that night.

What exactly the pilots saw over the Argentinian skies remains a mystery. Still, people around the world have been reporting seeing strange lights, mysterious objects that appear not to have wings or any visible propulsion systems, and other strange phenomena that they could not explain.

In an effort to get to the bottom of the UFO phenomenon and answer the million-dollar question, “Are Aliens real”? Scientists, including astrophysicists working for NASA, will study UFOs, satellite images, images, and videos. The Pentagon will do the same thing, having only recently rebranded its UFO office and included the study of transmedium UFOs.


Until the next encounter, remember, the truth is out there.

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