Satellite image of several Chinese Pyramids

Unrecorded Mystery: Why The Ancient Chinese Pyramids are Shrouded in Mystery

China is a land of mysteries. The history of the Ancient Chinese Pyramids, effectively hidden by the Chinese government, are one of the biggest secrets yet to be unfolded.

China never ceases to amaze the world – whether it is politically, economically, or historically. One of the biggest mysteries yet to be unfolded is that of the large number of ancient pyramids located in north-western China.

Do not be surprised if you have never heard of the existence of these pyramids – the Chinese government has done all in its power to keep these monuments secret.

What are the Chinese Pyramids?

Before anything else, the pyramids are located near the ancient city of Xi’an in the modern-day Shaanxi Province. If you are unfamiliar with Chinese history, this was a region famous for its royal burials.

In their entirety, the so-called pyramids do not look like your average pyramid. In most cases, you will easily fail to recognize them as they are covered with grass and trees and appear more like gigantic burial grounds rather than pyramids.

Western experts believe that there are more than 40 Chinese pyramids but the Chinese government has revealed different information. According to them, there are more than 400 monuments. One can only wonder what these ancient sites could reveal about Chinese history.

Not to mention that the famous “White Pyramid” is said to be 20 times larger than the Great Pyramid of Giza being over 1000 feet in height.

As these burial grounds are forbidden for archaeologists and scientists, people have been constructing numerous conspiracy theories about the reasoning behind this secrecy.

According to Chinese officials, once again, nobody is allowed near the pyramids for a couple of simple reasons – traditions and the risk of damage.

First of all, they believe that modern technology is not advanced enough to uncover the secrets of the pyramids without damaging the monuments. Second, they rely on their traditions which generally means that they do not want to disturb the dead.

In the end, more than a century after they were originally spotted, only two have been excavated. There are several pyramids turned into national parks for tourists to visit but without any excavations made.

Mao Mausoleum-茂陵

In fact, many of the pyramid hills appear to be intentionally planted with trees and shrubs. Not only this but they were planted with fast-growing trees to speed the process and hide the secrets below the ground. The picture above is a clear example of one such pyramid that has been planted intentionally.

One thing is for certain – the Chinese government does not want anyone near the insides of these temples.

Alignment of the Chinese Pyramids

Although scientists do not know all the locations of the Chinese pyramids, dozens have been found and examined through the eyes of modern technologies and satellites.

Similar to many other ancient pyramids and monuments, most of the pyramids were perfectly aligned to the cardinal directions.

More curiously, they divided the pyramids into two identical alignments. The larger group was aligned to the cardinal directions while the second group of pyramids was 14 degrees off true North.

This discovery paved the way for some curious theories. Experts believe that the ancient Chinese astronomers were able to calculate the exact future location of the North Star and thus, a large number of their constructions would, once again, be perfectly aligned thousands of years later.

Can these Chinese pyramids take the spotlight off the famous Pyramids of Giza? Will scientists ever be allowed to excavate these monuments that have the potential the history we know?

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Written by Vladislav Tchakarov

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