Some of the most famous UNCONFIRMED photographs of Dropa Stones. As you will read below, nobody knows whether these photos or any other are real.

10 Things You Likely Didn’t Know About the Dropa Stones

The Dropa Stones - one of the most controversial discoveries in human history. Allegedly discovered a century ago along with the skeletons of an extraterrestrial civilization, their whole story feels more mythical than genuine.


People love conspiracy theories. Even more, we all love mysterious items of unknown origins that give us a reason to debate and make theories. And when the subjects are artifacts that disappeared soon after being discovered, we know that it is something special that had to be hidden from the public. Such is the story of a large number of controversial items discovered nearly a century ago in China – the Dropa Stones.

Perhaps you have heard about the enigmatic Dropa Stones. If not, I wouldn’t be surprised. There is not a single photograph in existence that can confirm their existence – everything you will see if you search them online is unconfirmed photos and videos.


Moreover, the story that goes hand in hand with the Dropa Stones is almost unbelievable. Only the governments know the truth. For all I know, and I have been researching the Dropa Stones a while, not even the people connected to the alleged discovery have been confirmed as existing.

Was I able to catch your attention? Now, I will tell you the story of the Dropa Stones in the way I have understood it from the controversial sources.

1. Dropa Stones and Skeletons

Open Google Maps and search for the Bayan Har Mountains – an enigmatic mountain range that separates China from Tibet. In those mountains, an expedition in 1938, led by a Chinese professor, Chi Pu Tei, allegedly found an artificial cave system full of ancient artifacts.

Not only did they find several hundred of the controversial Dropa Stones but they also found a massive graveyard with extraterrestrial skeletons.

2. How were the skeletons described?

I would like to discuss the skeletons and put them aside since they do not play a major part in the story. According to the archaeologists in the expeditions, the skeletons weren’t human. They were up to 4 feet in length and had alien-like characteristics. Their heads were abnormally large while all other parts of their bodies were undeveloped in comparison to the head.

All in all, the expedition members claimed these were the remains of an ancient alien civilization that landed on Earth. Of course, there is not a single photograph in existence.

3. How many Dropa Stones did they discover?

The expedition found a total of 716 Dropa stones in the cave system. They were scattered throughout all the chambers and had no particular arrangement.

4. How were the Dropa Stones described?

This alleged photograph shows one Dropa Stone as it was stored in the Beijing University. True or not, nobody knows.
This alleged photograph shows one Dropa Stone as it was stored in the Beijing University. True or not, nobody knows.

Most of the stones were similar in size and characteristics. They were about a foot in diameter and all had one hole in the middle. Each one was also heavily inscribed with hieroglyphs in a language unknown to man. The inscriptions formed spiral grooves on each Dropa Stone.

5. Stored and studied by a fake professor?

It is believed that the remained in storage for more than two decades before anyone attempted to transcribe them or study them.

The curious bit here is that the professor who allegedly took it upon himself never existed. His name was Professor Tsum Um Nui, an alleged member of the Beijing Academy for Ancient Studies who, however, does not appear in any records, neither in the Academy nor in China overall.


Foreign scholars believe that this name was fake and the whole operation might have been either fake or a disguise for other activities.

6. The Professor claimed to have understood the unknown language

The controversial professor took four years before he made any claims about his findings. When the time came, he said that he has understood the ancient language and can read the hieroglyphs on each stone. What he transcribed will be mentioned in the following fact but I want to discuss the fact that his “findings” received a negative backlash in the scientific community. He became so hated that he was forced to move to Japan.

At least, this is the sequence of his story. It is said that he died soon after his immigration. Nobody knows whether this person existed or whether or not this was just an alias to cover his true identity. Or maybe, only the Chinese government could tell us since we all know how secretive they have always been about their inner causes.

7. The Dropa Stones told a 12,000-year-old story of an alien civilization

The entire transcription of the controversial professor is not available anywhere but the most important bit has been published online. According to his translation, the Dropa Stones described the story of an alien civilization that crashed near the site in the mountain range more than 12,000 years ago.

The hieroglyphs also mention that the alien species had peaceful intentions and wanted nothing more than to repair their spacecraft. Unfortunately, the local human tribes did not understand their intentions and slaughtered them.

You can understand why his translation caused a negative backlash in the community and media. The important question here is who dug the artificial caves and who buried the extraterrestrials with the Dropa stones?

8. The Soviet Union also got involved

Despite the obvious attempts to cover the story, the word about the Dropa Stones reached a renowned Soviet scientist called Dr. Vyatcheslav Saizev. He became so intrigued that he did all in his power to find the original studies of Professor Tsum Um Nui and re-publish them in the Soviet Union.

It is said that he also managed to get his hands on several Dropa Stones that were sent to him in Moscow. His studies revealed that the materials used in the stone could not have possibly been carved into by ancient Chinese tribes as they simply did not have the tools.

Furthermore, he allegedly used an oscilloscope to conduct further research and found out that the Dropa Stones were, at some point, exposed to high voltages. In other words, the Dropa Stones could potentially be electrical conductors.

9. Disappeared without a trace

Allegedly, this should be one of the several photographs taken by the Austrian engineer. Whether or not this is a genuine photograph of the Dropa Stones, I do not know.
Allegedly, this should be one of the several photographs taken by the Austrian engineer. Whether or not this is a genuine photograph of the Dropa Stones, I do not know. Source: Bad Archaeology

The last time anyone allegedly saw a Dropa stone was in 1974 at the Banpo Museum in Xian. Ernst Wegerer, an Austrian engineer, claimed that he saw two Dropa stones displayed in that museum. He had previously heard descriptions of the stones and they matched the ones he saw on display.

At first, he was turned down when he requested more information but the director of the museum allegedly allowed him to take several pictures of the Dropa Stones.


Curiously enough, this same director was soon fired and in fact, he completely vanished from the face of the Earth. Nobody heard from him since.

Moreover, this was the last time anyone saw a Dropa Stone. His successor and new director claimed that the Dropa Stones disappeared from the museum just days after the engineer visited.

Curious, right?

10. The description of the Dropa Stones makes them strikingly similar to the Chinese Bi Discs

An ancient Chinese Bi Discs share striking similarities to the description of the Dropa Stones.
An ancient Chinese Bi Discs share striking similarities to the description of the Dropa Stones. Source: Wikipedia

To sum up, I wanted to mention Bi discs which are ancient Chinese artifacts made from glass and jade. Scholars have dated them to somewhere between 3400 and 2250 BC. Since this is a complicated topic by itself, I just wanted to show you the striking resemblance between them and the alleged Dropa Stones based on descriptions.

Here is a short 3-minute video that you can watch by National Geographic on Bi Discs. Furthermore, here is one of my previous articles on a similar ancient disc from the other side of the world – the Phaistos Disc.

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