The brand new UFO Report revealed shocking cases of UFO Encounters. Credit: US Navy

Radiation Burns and Close Encounters of the Third Kind Revealed in New UFO Pentagon Report

The documents indicate that people who had contact with UFOs received various injuries, including burns and heart problems. One case describes a woman that claimed she got pregnant after direct contact with UFOs.


This new UFO Report contains 1,574 pages of documents related to the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP) operated by the U.S. Department of Defense Intelligence Agency. This program existed from 2007 to 2012. Copies of these documents were received by The Sun after more than 4 years of demands for access since December 2017.

New UFO Report Describes Biological Effects of UFO Sightings on Humans

The scientific reports contain information on research into the biological impact of UFO sightings on humans, paranormal categories, and science fiction technology research. Reports say that people have experienced radiation burns, heart problems, sleep disturbances, and even bizarre phenomena such as “abduction” and “pregnancy” as a result of encounters with UFOs.


One of the “affected” women even claimed that she became pregnant after that. This allegedly happened after the abduction, teleportation, or during the experience of telepathy.

Reports indicate that health problems among UFO observers have resulted from the influence of electromagnetic radiation, which is associated with the energy of aircraft engines. People have been injured by the effects of UFOs when they were in close proximity to them.

One report states that there are 42 cases of medically confirmed cases of health problems in people after encountering UFOs and another 300 such cases that have not been analyzed in detail.

Paranormal Phenomena

One of the secret documents also talks about the classification of paranormal phenomena. Among such phenomena, not only encounters with UFOs are distinguished, but also with ghosts, Bigfoot or Yeti, poltergeists. Also referred to as paranormal phenomena include spontaneous combustion of people, the appearance of unusual crop circles, as well as abductions by aliens.


The documents also contain data on research on establishing contact with alien civilizations and in the field of studying deep space with its subsequent colonization. The documents also say that these unidentified objects may pose a threat to US interests.

The existence of a secret program became known to the public back in 2017, when Luis Elizondo, a former intelligence officer, announced it. At the same time, videos of UFO sightings by the US military appeared online for the first time.

2021 UFO Report

Last year, the Pentagon released a report on what is known about a series of mysterious flying objects that have been observed by the military in the air over the past twenty years. The report lists 144 sightings of what the document says was an “unidentified aerial phenomenon.”

The Pentagon even created a special department that will investigate cases of UFO sightings. Also, one of the goals of the department is to find out the origin of flying objects, as well as their possible capture for study.

The main task of the created department is to find out exactly what these objects that the US military is observing are: unknown technology from Russia or China, or something more alien.


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