The largest alleged Bosnian Pyramid, the Pyramid of the Sun, standing near the city of Visoko.

What Are the so-called Bosnian Pyramids and is There Something to Them?

The Bosnian pyramids, neglected by scientists and archaeologists, continue to garner attention and theories. According to their discoverer, they are the oldest pyramids in the world. According to scientists, they are nothing more than natural formations. What do we know so far?


Le’ts imagine you have not read the title of this article and I start talking about the Valley of the Pyramids. I imagine you would think about Egypt or Peru, perhaps, but on the contrary, I am referring to the alleged Valley of the Pyramids in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

By alleged, I mean that the Bosnian pyramids have been denounced by the scientific community and despite the continuous excavations and research, there has been no change in the final verdict given more than a decade ago.


What are the so-called Bosnian Pyramids and what do we know about this mysterious site? 

Let’s travel to a small city, less than an hour away from the Bosnian capital Sarajevo. Visoko became a worldwide sensation in 2005/06 when an amateur archaeologist made claims to have found the most ancient artificial monuments in the world. His name is Sam Osmanagich and he has been fighting an endless battle for approval with the archaeological community since his original “discovery”.

The hills genuinely seem like pyramidal structures covered in dense vegetation but no one had made such claims before 2005/06. The drive behind Osmanagich’s claims was his discovery of the Ravne tunnels which include a large network of underground tunnels that spread through the Valley of the Pyramids.

The Ravne tunnels today are open for tourists and go for about two kilometers in length although it is believed that their total length continues for many more kilometers. Spiritual believers have made claims that the tunnels are filled with powerful energies coming from the megaliths and that the water inside is incredibly pure and has the ability to cure serious illnesses.

As for the Bosnian Pyramids, Osmanagich gave names to each one of them, respectively the Pyramid of the Sun, of the Moon, of Love, and of the Earth.


Dr. Sam has made claims that the pyramids are at least 30,000 years old and have been made by an ancient advanced civilization, something we hear about literally every pyramidal structure around the world. The largest of them all, the Pyramid of the Sun would be 1/3 larger than the Great Pyramid of Giza. How amazing would that be?

What does the European Association of Archaeologists think about these claims? 

Archaeologists, geologists, and scientists all agree that the Bosnian Pyramids are a natural formation. This was proven through a series of tests more than a decade ago. As for the Ravne tunnels, scholars suggest that they are nothing more than an old gold mine or artificial tunnels made during WWII.

However, scientific evidence in support of Dr. Sam Osmanagich has been revealed several times in the past two-three years and we will discuss it now.

First and foremost, studies on the concrete below the largest Bosnian Pyramid revealed a mixture of elements and types of rocks which is unnatural. Furthermore, the concrete itself was proven to be five times stronger than the regular concrete used in modern-day architecture. In fact, such concrete is nowadays available in only a handful of countries and only by special order of manufacture.

Excavations, initiated by Dr. Sam Osmanagich himself with funding given by the Bosnian government, have revealed layers of manmade concrete that could not happen naturally. This is nowadays visible on one side of the pyramid which was excavated and shaped to reveal the structural layers.

What can we make of all these claims about the Bosnian pyramids?

What I can say is that Osmanagich was once considered a national hero. His claims brought the tourists back to the region decimated by the devastating Bosnian War of 94/95. Although his discovery was proclaimed a hoax by the European Association of Archaeologists, it gave Bosnia a confidence boost and aid in the tourism sector.


Even more, Osmanagich has done all in his power to make the Bosnian Pyramids and the Ravne tunnels a major tourist attraction and he has been aided by the government. Archaeologists and Associations from around the world have made requests towards the Bosnian government to stop the financing of Ormanagich’s excavations but it is clear that they are taking as much advantage as they could from this site.

Whether or not the Bosnian pyramids are real or a hoax can be proven only through major excavations from foreign archaeological missions. For now, the greatest knowledge of the Valley of the Pyramids comes from local Bosnian websites and newspapers and Dr. Osmanagich himself that honestly, make it sound like this is the greatest archaeological site in the world. It could be but we will never know unless the large associations around the world make the decision to study it in-depth.

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Written by Vladislav Tchakarov

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