The Akashic records are known as an invisible library that holds all the information about us, the past, and the future.

10 Interesting Facts About The Akashic Records And How To Find Yours

Is there an invisible central storehouse that holds all the information about every human being, the past, and the future? Have you heard of the Akashic Records and do you believe in their existence?


Explained in a simple way, the Akashic records are cosmic files, invisible and difficult for the average person to access. Imagine a huge virtual library where all the information about every creature that has ever lived in time is stored – something like an invisible galactic computer.

This system serves as a central repository of information for every person who has lived on Earth. The Akashic chronicles are not just a container for various events but preserve every action, word, thought, and intention – everything that has happened in world history.


The Akashic Records are also not just a “repository of memories.” They are interactive and therefore have a huge impact on our way of life, feelings, relationships, and perceptions of the world, as well as on the potential realities we are facing.

Of course, the existence of such heavenly knowledge is not scientifically proven, and thus, the majority of people disbelieve the possibility of such a “library.” Here are 10 interesting facts about the Akashic Records and tips on how to find them.

1. Every thought, word, and action is sealed in the Akashic Records

They store data not only from our current life but also from all our rebirths. As well as future consequences (lessons) that we will have to go through as a result of our choices made in the present. The Akashic records store both our good and bad emotions, words, and actions.

The rare people who are familiar with the claim that there are no sentences or sanctions in the peculiar heavenly chronicles. They are simply a record of each soul’s journey to infinity.

2. The average person cannot find the records

It takes dedication and true purpose to gain access to the records. Especially if a person is driven only by the curiosity to understand what information is stored in his heavenly file, he/she will not gain access.


However, there are many Teachers, mediums, shamans, advanced yogis, monks, and other gifted people who could help us with this by guiding us to our rightful path. It is no coincidence that in every period of human existence and development here – dedicated individuals are sent to Earth to lead others forward. For example – Nostradamus or Baba Vanga.

3. Experts claim that anyone can gain access to the Akashic records with the right help

People familiar with energy chronicles say that those of us who also want to access our etheric files can do so with the help of people like them. But this is not the only way. You can purposely connect with angels and other bright beings by following the right steps or through their dreams.

The problem is that so many people out there that attempt to profit from the Akashik records.

4. The Akashic records have an answer to any question

There is no wrong question when it comes to the Akashic records. You can ask anything as long as it is a truly genuine question. The records have an answer or guidance for any problem.

5. Our interaction with the Akashic records goes in both directions

Just as we can draw information from the Akashic records, so they receive information from us. That is why the field of records is constantly changing, influenced by our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Therefore, destiny and the answers we can learn from them are constantly changing. The main thing you need to know about the records is that they teach us that we forge our own destiny.

6. Love and Gratitude are the two states of mind that keep us connected to the Akashic records

The main 2 states that keep us connected to the Field of Akashic Records are Gratitude and Love. Edgar Casey, known as the father of the Akashic records, says that to be good channels of energy, we must live more spiritually, and how can we be more spiritual — by being freer from our egos.

7. Akash is actually the aether – the fifth element

This fifth element of space is considered to be the main creator of the reality from which everything else originates, including matter. This is where the Akashic records get their name from, and this is where some experts believe you can find the records.


8. Information about the records has been recorded everywhere from ancient history to modern days

Information about the Akashi Records can be found in folk tales and myths, both ancient and contemporary, and the Bible. We can learn about them from documents inherited from us by Arabs, Assyrians, Phoenicians, Babylonians, and other ancient civilizations. Each of them believed in the existence of some celestial tablets on which human history was written, along with spiritual information.

9. Nostradamus had access to the Akashic records

Many of the most important figures in history had access to the Akashic records. The most commonly heard names are Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce. If we believe that the records hold both the past and the future, perhaps this is the source of Nostradamus’s countless predictions for the future.

10. The Akashic Records can show you the true nature of the world we live in

We all see the world around us differently. Some see more and approach life in a much more spiritual way, while others have blocked their vision and fail to see the bigger picture. Once you clean yourself and access the Akashic records, you will see the true nature of the world around you; a dimension freed from wrong perceptions and lies.

Here are some tips on how to make the process easier and reach your personal Akashic records more successfully:

  1. Decide exactly what you want to know. Define your intention and question as accurately as possible.
  2. Know that there are no wrong or stupid questions and intentions. You can ask about anything that excites you at the moment or in general.
  3. When you are ready with your question, ask all forces, guides, beings, and sources to come to your aid and reveal themselves to you. Even the ones you haven’t heard of and don’t know about at the moment.
  4. Use your preferred meditation practice. Enter the process without rushing. Give yourself time to relax, calm your mind and thoughts, and channel your energy. Ask to be allowed access to the records in connection with the question you have. Stay in an open, receptive state, allowing information to enter your mind. It can be visual, auditory, in the form of a guide or an angel, or some feeling, a sensation that carries information.
  5. If you contact a creature, ask them for their name and explain that you are seeking access to the Akashic Records in connection with your question.
  6. When you decide, end the session and take the time to record the results of the experiment. Have you gained access, and what have you learned from it? Even if you fail – write down your thoughts, feelings, emotions. This may be useful for you in the future.
  7. Keep in mind that the connection to the space channels opens and is stronger in the evening.

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Written by Vladislav Tchakarov

Hello, my name is Vladislav and I am glad to have you here on Curiosmos. As a history student, I have a strong passion for history and science, and the opportunity to research and write in this field on a daily basis is a dream come true.

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