11 Objects You Should Keep At Home According to Baba Vanga.

11 Objects You Should Keep At Home For Better Health and Luck, According to Baba Vanga

Baba Vanga has allegedly helped thousands of people with her prophecies, but she also left us countless pieces of advice on improving our lives using simple, unexpected methods.


Some people believe in luck, bad luck, omens, and the ability that some people can predict the future. One such object is the Blind Mystic Baba Vanga, who supposedly could foresee things that will happen in the future. According to Baba Vanga, whether you believe in that is up to you, but here are 11 objects that you should keep at home for better luck and health.

We can talk about Baba Vanga for days, and we will probably still have unmentioned mysteries for another time. In this case, we plan to discuss a few special objects that she recommended we keep in our home for health and good luck. Some of these items are already in your homes without you even realizing how powerful they are. Baba Vanga bequeathed this knowledge to us, naming how these things will make our home safer and happier.


1. Horseshoe at the entrance

To bless the whole house and its inhabitants with luck, the Prophetess advised putting a horseshoe on the front door. According to her, this is how success will find us because horses always bring luck. And what does a horse need – a horseshoe.

2. Honey

Everyone has heard of the countless health benefits of honey. But according to Baba Vanga, it is much more special. According to her, honey is a source of peace and success.

3. Needle

Everyone has at least one needle in their house and, in most cases, a whole box of needles and sewing accessories. Put a needle somewhere in a prominent place, if possible in the entrance hall. You can hang it on a curtain, for example. Baba Vanga says a needle is a great object to help protect yourself and your loved ones from evil forces.

4. Bell made of silver or steel

According to Baba Vanga, the representatives of the evil forces are cowards and love silence. They are afraid of loud noises because they make them feel terrible. Therefore, every home should always have a bell, preferably silver or steel.


5. Round mirror

Mirrors are often the subject of mysterious stories or superstitions. According to Baba Vanga’s advice, however, the round mirror at home can only bring positives. If you want to keep happy and harmonious feelings, replace your square mirror with around one. According to her, the round mirror remembers better than any other and does not allow happy emotions to flow away.

6. Dried fish scale

According to Vanga, a dried fish scale will bring wealth and happiness to everyone in the home. This, of course, is only if you hide it so well that it cannot be discovered by another person, or its magical power can disappear.

7. Steel hook

Yes, this is a rather unusual subject that we usually find in horror movies, but according to Grandma Vanga, it is directly related to happiness.

8. Palm tree

Baba Vanga instructed everyone to plant a date palm in their home, also known as a magic plant in the folklore of many ancient and modern cultures. The palm tree is considered a great method for constantly cleansing the home of bad and unfriendly energy. It is a natural way to bring better health and luck to your household. 

9. Hourglass

This object, advised by Baba Vanga, symbolizes respect for your loved ones and the years, and it is also believed that in the slow-flowing time in the glass in the form of sand we can find many correct answers that we are looking for.


10. Bird of happiness

Put one or more wooden birds in your children’s room, and they will be healthier and more smiling. The bird is believed to protect and take care of your child.

11. Black roadside stone

This is invaluable advice for all people who have trouble sleeping. You must find a helper to protect you while you sleep to fix your problems in the long run. The most common black stone you can find on the way out can help. Stones are a great energy source and can help you in countless ways.

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