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Congressman Proposes UFOs Could Be a Hidden Ancient Civilization

What if UFOs are nothing more than an ancient civilziation that has only now reemerged? This is one theory put forth by Wisconsin's Republican Congressman Mike Gallagher.


Could UFOs really be nothing more than an ancient hidden civilization that has only now decided to shop up? Wisconsin’s Republican Congressman Mike Gallagher has proposed a theory that unidentified flying objects (UFOs) could potentially be an “ancient civilization” that has been concealed on Earth and only now started to emerge.

UFOs Could Be an Ancient Hidden Civilization

Appearing on the Pat McAfee show on Tuesday, Gallagher, also the Chair of the House Committee on the Chinese Communist Party, explored various conjectures regarding the possible roots of alien sightings.

He discussed a notable theory— known as the “Terminator” theory, referencing the famous film—that these aliens might actually be humans from the future. Notably, he has mentioned this hypothesis previously.

Gallagher further put forth another theory, suggesting, “Instead of us from the future, it might indeed be an ancient civilization that has been lurking here, and suddenly it’s making its presence known.” Ancient Aliens, does it ring a bell?


Ancient Civilizations or Advanced Technology?

One of his conversational partners likened this theory to the narrative of “Transformers,” a franchise featuring a mechanical extraterrestrial race seeking Earth refuge from their civil war-torn planet. In popular culture, they are believed to have a lifespan extending over millions of years.

However, Gallagher painted a more concerning scenario: UFO sightings might be advanced technology developed by adversarial nations capable of defying modern capabilities. He admitted that concerns over possible Chinese weapons advancements were his initial foray into the UFO discourse.

Whistleblowers and Stigma

Echoing the words of whistleblower David Grusch, Gallagher acknowledged that countries like China and Russia might also possess alien technology to be reverse-engineered. He referred to Senator Marco Rubio’s statement that individuals testifying about recovered ships had held significant government clearances but were fearful for their jobs if they went public.

While he couldn’t disclose whistleblowers’ identities or exact numbers, Gallagher confirmed their participation in a “range of intense conversations.”


He emphasized the need to normalize UFO discussions, referencing how people such as fighter pilots who’ve claimed UFO sightings faced ridicule. “The biggest hurdle is people’s embarrassment to discuss it. They fear being labeled as crazy, as tinfoil hat wearers, or conspiracy theorists. Merely having these open discussions is already a step in the right direction,” Gallagher concluded.

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Written by Ivan Petricevic

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