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Soviet KGB Files on UFOs Reveal Moscow Recovered 5 UFO Fragments

Around one hundred pages that date from the Soviet Union Era reveal eerie UFO sightings, fighter jets scrambled to intercept UFOs, and how Moscow holds at least 5 UFO fragments.


Declassified UFO files dating from the Soviet Union reveal never-before-seen information on the study of UFOs by the Soviet government. The papers reveal how Russian pilots saw strange lights in the sky and soldiers witnessed objects moving at incredible speed, performing maneuvers unlike anything ever seen before.

The secret archives reveal how during the Cold War, strange objects encountered in the sky weren’t confined to the US, but could also be observed in the Soviet Union. It is thus no surprise that there are dozens of accounts alleging that Russian soldiers, aviators, and pilots observed bizarre shapes, large objects, bright lights, and mysterious flashes in the sky across the country. These accounts were documented and reported.


The papers reveal reports of a shape-shifting object that shot a “beam of light” toward the ground made by a Russian colonel. Other pilots recall how a mysterious object and its movements baffled MiG-21 pilots, who were left perplexed by what they had witnessed, The Sun reports.

In an interview that took place in June of 2022, Roscosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin said the agency is currently investigating UFO sightings made by Russian pilots. Rogozin also said that it was very likely that Extraterrestrial civilizations were studying Earth.

The KGB files, discovered after they were first sent to Major General Pavel Popovich, seem to suggest that Russia has actively studied the phenomenon for decades.  The revealing files were provided to The Sun by UAP Media UK, a campaign group dedicated to investigating and working towards a more serious and transparent discussion of UFOs.

A fight for disclosure

Major General Popovich was among 20 cosmonauts, losing out on the honor of becoming the first man to orbit the earth to Yuri Gagarin.

In August 1962, he commanded Vostok 4, which flew into orbit for four days.

Later, he would become the man responsible for training the next generation of Soviet cosmonauts.


The Colonel’s wife, Marina Popovich, was an avid UFO hunter and a legendary supersonic test pilot known as “Madame MiG.” She published a book on the topic, campaigned for a profound investigation into the UFO phenomenon, but also claimed that Moscow had at least five fragments of UFOs.

The documents detailing the bizarre encounters and eyewitness reports were delivered to General Popovich only 63 days before the total collapse of the Soviet Union. The general received the documents, which, although did not “systematically” investigate the “so-called unidentified flying objects”, recorded the unusual activity in the Soviet skies. Vadim Bakhtin, the KGB’s final chairman, sent the files to him before the KGB disintegrated.

UFOs performing impossible maneuvers

One eyewitness account said that on October 21, 1989, a “bright red” object appeared for 30 minutes in Burkhala, Magadan. According to one witness, who apparently worked at the Baikonur Cosmodrome space center, the object must have been traveling at about 600 mph.

“[He] commented that none of the flying devices that he knew of could perform such movements,” the document reads. The object was described as being in the shape of “a cigar or a fish” and surrounded by nine lights.

The odd shape was reportedly observed by two groups of eyewitnesses from two separate points in the area.

Lieutenant Valerii Volochin’s description of seeing a disk-shaped object with a half-sphere on top on July 28, 1989, is another one that stands out.

A Soviet fighter’s attempt to intercept the UFO failed when the pilot could not get close enough to it, which had previously been seen hurling “beams” towards the ground over missile silos.


Apparently, Voloshin received word that a flying saucer had been sighted; he even sent a sketch that showed its unmistakable disk shape.

“The movements of the object were somewhat irregular, sometimes moving quickly sideways or vertically,” the lieutenant said. There is also a case where a plane reported to the control tower having had a mysterious encounter with a “pill“-shaped ship — does the Tic-Tac UFO sound familiar?

“Ignoring the difference in written alphabets, they closely resemble the reports found in old USAF Project Blue Book documents from the 1950s and 1960s. The Soviets were clearly looking for answers to the phenomenon,” he concluded.

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