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Former Pentagon Official Reveals Top-Secret Study of Crashed UFOs from Unknown Origins

A former Pentagon official has come forward with groundbreaking revelations about the study of crashed UFOs from unknown origins.


Dr. Colm Kelleher’s Impressive Background and UFO Expertise

Dr. Colm Kelleher, a former Pentagon UFO program manager and author of Skinwalkers at the Pentagon, has made a startling claim – that crashed UFOs of unknown origin have been studied by top scientists. With his solid credentials as a biochemist and extensive experience in cell and molecular biology, Dr. Kelleher’s revelations demand attention.

Dr. Kelleher’s expertise is indisputable. His background includes work at research institutions such as the National Institute for Discovery Science, founded in 1995 by business magnate Robert Bigelow. There, he employed forensic science techniques to investigate scientific anomalies and paranormal activity. He also played a significant role in the Pentagon’s secret UFO investigation program, AATIP, which was publicly revealed in a 2017 New York Times article along with videos of Tic-Tac-shaped objects filmed by US Navy pilots.


Crashed UFO Technology Beyond Human Comprehension

During his two-year contract with the Defense Intelligence Agency, Dr. Kelleher participated in the submission of 104 technical reports on UFOs. He emphasized that the technology demonstrated by these objects far exceeded that of the best F-18 fighters in the US arsenal, clearly indicating that it was neither American, Chinese, nor Russian technology. In a recent episode of the Weaponized podcast with Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp, Dr. Kelleher confirmed that UFOs are real and that scientists have been attempting to reverse engineer and exploit their advanced technologies.


The Human Connection in UFO Interactions

Dr. Kelleher also explored the possibility that UFOs interact with Earth due to human presence. He argues that UFOs would likely be more interested in interacting with humans, the dominant species on the planet, than with other life forms such as marsupials or trees. This suggests that humanity itself may be the focus of the interaction between these mysterious entities that we call UFOs and the intelligent beings believed to be operating them.

Altered Perception and Consciousness During UFO Encounters

The infamous Skinwalker Ranch in Utah serves as a prime example of how human perception can be altered during interactions with UFOs, according to Dr. Kelleher. He recounts an incident where six individuals at the ranch saw entirely different things through their night vision binoculars during a UFO sighting. This example is used to propose that human perception and consciousness may be targeted by the UFO phenomenon for an as-yet-unknown purpose.

Kenneth Arnold’s Iconic Sighting and Paranormal Aftereffects

In the same interview, George Knapp brought up the iconic sighting by pilot Kenneth Arnold, which is considered the start of the modern era of UFOs and the origin of the term “flying saucer.” Dr. Kelleher mentioned lesser-known paranormal details shared by Arnold’s daughter, Kim, who revealed that her father believed the objects emitted light rather than reflecting sunlight. She also reported paranormal activity in their home following the sighting, including a mysterious orb and poltergeist-like occurrences. These accounts further emphasize the enigmatic nature of UFOs and their potential connection to human consciousness.


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Written by Ivan Petricevic

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