Drill Holes in Ancient Egypt

Drill Holes in Egypt: Evidence of Advanced Technology?

Strangely, not one ancient document exists on the techniques and engineering methods used by the ancients.


Ancient Egypt is a land of millions of treasures. Although Egypt is most famous for its incredible pyramids, magnificent temples, and gorgeous ancient cities, the land of golden sands and Pharaohs has more to offer. Ancient Egypt is where history, mythology, and reality merge. It is a place where you can travel back in time just by looking at the massive blocks of stones the builders made use of thousands of years ago. Ancient Egypt is a place where you can get lost in time just by gazing upon what the ancients constructed thousands of years ago. But we cannot speak of ancient Egypt without mentioning it is a land that offers countless mysteries. One of the greatest enigmas to modern-day experts is the ancient Egyptians’ different constitution and engineering techniques. Strangely, for example, not one ancient document exists on the techniques and engineering methods used by the ancients to build the pyramids.

Drill Holes in Egypt: Evidence of Advanced Technology?

The same lack of documents is present when attempting to find textual descriptions of other megalithic structures. As far as the tools that were used in ancient times, there is also a lack of evidence that can help us understand how everything was done. And one of the biggest mysteries we are faced with when looking at structures that are thousands of years old is the odd drill holes. These mysterious marks have led many experts in the field to suggest that, thousands of years ago, long-lost tools and advanced tools were used to make some of the cuts and drill holes. Were some of these drill holes made by long-lost, advanced technology, as some proponents of alternative history suggest? If not, how can mainstream experts explain the existence of these marks and drill holes? Check out this video for an exciting documentary about drill holes and advanced technology in Egypt. You can read more about drill holes in ancient Egypt here.

Featured Image Credit: Penn Museum.


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