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What Are Ultraterrestrials?

Ultraterrestrials are hypothesized beings that are believed to come from an entirely different realm. This can be an alternative universe if there are multi-verses out there, or even from a different dimension, and a reality that crisscrosses with ours.


In the past five years, the UFO phenomenon has taken off. Things have drastically changed in the UFO community, and we no longer see UFOs as a conspiracy theory. NASA is studying UFOs, the Pentagon went all in, and astrophysicists are teaming up, as we see in the Galileo Project, to take the study of UFO/UAP to a whole other level. And while most of us agree that the scientific study of the phenomenon should have been pioneered by experts decades ago, at least now we understand that this is something worthy of study. Although this is just the beginning, we have already made great progress, and the most important piece of the story was perhaps the acknowledgment of the UFO phenomenon as something of scientific interest.

Differences between Ultraterrestrials and Extraterrestrials

And as we learn more about UFOs, UAP, and the idea of extraterrestrials contact, we venture out of our comfort zones, exploring different possibilities. One such possibility, rather than extraterrestrials, is ultraterrestrials. What’s the difference? Well, in a nutshell, both are beyond Earth in terms of their source meaning. However, an extraterrestrial being is usually considered an entity that comes not from this Earth but from another planet in our universe. Ultraterrestrials, on the other hand, are an even more exotic entity. These beings are believed to come from an entirely different realm. This can be an alternative universe if there are multiverses out there, or even from a different dimension, and a reality that crisscrosses with ours.


What are Ultraterrestrials?

The ultraterrestrial hypothesis has gained quite a few followers in recent years. This is especially true given the various reports of UFOs that vary significantly in the description. Also, the technological advantages described in some of the UFO reports could also be interpreted as not so much an extraterrestrial technology but rather an ultradimension/ultraterestrial manifestation. This way, we could witness evidence of ultraterrestrial activity, and although it may seem to us as something that defies our laws of physics, in essence, it is manifested in a different plane, and is, therefore, so different from our technology. In other words, rather than technology, these objects could be manifestations from different dimensions.


Furthermore, the ultradimensional hypotphesis could also help us better understand why, despite so many decades of UFO reports, we have yet to come across the ultimate, conclusive proof that these objects are not of this world. Perhaps the reason why we are unable to fully understand these objects is that these objects originate from a reality that goes far beyond that of human understanding.

Ultraterrestrials, as an evolution of extraterrestrials?

The idea that ultraterrestrials exist does not mean extraterrestrial beings cannot exist. It is likely, that, given the vastness of our universe, life developed in more places than one. Some of this life could be very, very ancient. After all, based on our best understanding of the cosmos, the universe began some 13.8 billion years ago. Life on Earth has existed — in primitive forms— for around 2-3 billion years. This means that in the first billions of years of the universe, life could have come into existence in different galaxies in the early universe.

Some of this life may have gone extinct, some may have only arisen recently, and some may have transcended into a reality we can only dream of as of now. Some of the most advanced lifeforms in the universe may have found a way to transcend into realities we have no knowledge of as of yet. And these ultraterrestrials could be some of the manifestations humans are now interpreting as alien activity. But whether this is the case or not remains to be seen. In the meantime, the ultraterrestrial hypothesis certainly brings fresh new ideas to the table and will hopefully give scientists something else to ponder about in the near future.


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Written by Ivan Petricevic

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