Aerial video of an alleged ufo.

Is the US hiding a massive UFO, so big it can’t be moved?

Journalist Ross Coulthear has recently pointed put that the United States government could be hiding a massive extraterrestrial craft abroad, because it is so big it cannot be moved.d


IS the US really hiding a massive UFO abroad, so big that it can’t be moved? Buckle up for quite the story.  Renowned investigative journalist, Ross Coulthart, has declared his awareness of a concealed crashed alien craft’s location, with the remains allegedly so massive they’ve been hidden in place.

Coulthart, having recently interviewed ex-intelligence official David Grusch, who revealed US recovery of non-human-origin ships, now claims to know a suspected alien ship’s exact location. “Someday,” he promised, this information will surface.


Is the US hiding a massive UFO, so big it can’t be moved?

Jay Anderson of Project Unity recently discussed the possible repercussions of the US Senate’s new intelligence bill with Coulthart. This bill demands that any “UAP material” (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) of non-terrestrial or exotic origin held by entities or contractors must be made available to the All Domains Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) within half a year.

Concerns over Material Concealment

Anderson voiced his apprehension that this timeframe might allow for evidence concealment. Coulthart conceded this possibility but proposed that some UAP materials could be too large to relocate. He hinted at a foreign building constructed over a substantial (massive, mothership-like) object.

An Object Too Large to Move?

Coulthart posed a question, “What if part of that object is so big it can’t move?” He further stated, “I know of one that is so big that they had to put a building on top to hide it,” while maintaining the information’s seriousness, despite its absurdity, and suggesting it should be thoroughly investigated.


An Unrevealed Location

Coulthart acknowledged knowing this enormous UFO’s precise location, alluding to Grusch’s reference to large UAPs. He assured, “someday his story will come out.”


Coulthart questioned this object’s continuous maintenance and security for decades, asking who paid for it and if it was ever disclosed to taxpayers. He called for Congress to commence its duty with a probing investigation.

The Seoul Speculation

The UFO community, per The War Zone’s creator and editor-in-chief Tyler Rogoway, suggests this gigantic UFO might be hidden under an old VHF beacon facility in Seoul, South Korea. Rogoway, however, adds practical possibilities for the facility’s existence and leaves the UFO theory open-ended. I always like to remain skeptical when hearing comments such as these because, especially today, UFOs are a hotly debated topic. As such, news about aliens, UFOs, and hidden extraterrestrial craft are surely to resonate with people and probably go viral.

In the age of information, let us choose to be informed.

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