There is no doubt that he was a genius but where did Nikola Tesla gain his knowledge from?

Otherworldly Origin? Where did Nikola Tesla’s Futuristic Knowledge Originate From?

He envisioned new technologies long before his time. These images filled his mind. He claimed to have had contact with beings from another world. Nikola Tesla was and remains an enigma for the ordinary world.


All great artists, inventors, and creators, including Nikola Tesla, feel that they are instruments of a higher purpose. Is there a program for humanity? Is there a bigger hidden plan that goes beyond the normal daily routine?  It has always been believed that in every generation, certain souls are sent to Earth, born with receptors for higher knowledge intended to take humanity to the next level of advancement. 

On January 7, 1943, Nikola Tesla died of a heart attack on the 33rd floor of the New Yorker Hotel. A few hours after his body was found, his nephew arrived in room 3327 and discovered that Tesla’s body, as well as his drawings and notes, had already been taken away.  There are allegations that they were seized by the FBI and quickly classified as “top secret.” The official version is that nothing significant has been found.

New discoveries by independent researchers claim that they contained a secret plan for the development of human civilization obtained from an extraterrestrial benevolent civilization. This instantly points toward the theory that Nikola Tesla gained his knowledge from somewhere else. 

Why were his notes of such interest to the US government?

Tesla was born at a time that coincides with an ancient Kabbalistic prophecy. According to it, the gates of wisdom will open on Earth, and humanity will find its leaders. And who was born at that time? Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein.  But is there anything other than the prophecies and rumors related to Nikola Tesla and his knowledge?  There have been various prophets and scholars in history who have influenced human evolution.

Prominent examples are Galileo, Copernicus, Da Vinci, and Einstein and Tesla definitely falls into this category. All of them are associated with the unleashing of energy from unsuspected knowledge, which at this time is impossible if we consider that they were born with an ordinary human mind.


Scientists that participated in Tesla’s projects think he was something of a human successor. Many have gone as far as to suggest that Nikola Tesla received his knowledge from forces, not of earth, which helped him develop his incredible skills and make discoveries that illuminate today’s world.

Nikola Tesla had the knowledge that there is a base in the universe, which can be used by all mankind as long as he knows how to adjust his senses properly. The scientist believed in the legends about towers that transmitted energy. One such example may be the ancient Obelisks that we find all over the world. According to some experts, these were once connected and harnessed by the Earth’s magnetic field.

Was Nikola Tesla’s Knowledge Neglected on Purpose?

One night, Nikola Tesla was tracking thunderstorms at 960 km with his amplifying transmitter. He suddenly caught signals from an unknown source. They were a series of three impulses that sounded mathematical to him. After much deliberation, he came to believe that they were coming from space. Suddenly, Tesla changed and began to say that atoms are like solar systems and that light can function as a wave and a particle.

According to some conspiracy theories, Einstein was used by other alien species but received the Nobel Prize for the same idea. Bohr and Rutherford also received the Nobel Prize for discovering that atoms are like small solar systems.  Tesla, however, never received any appraisal or award for the exact same discovery made at an earlier stage.

According to some researchers, physicians’ unfair treatment of him is due to his passion for aliens. He was simply not the type of scientist that allowed external control, which made him inconvenient for the government and secretive agencies. Nikola Tesla’s knowledge was simply too ahead of his time and his thinking was way too much outside of the box. 


This is why so many of his discoveries were not only neglected but declined. Without Nikola Tesla, our world wouldn’t have been as advanced as we know it today. However, were his hidden inventions accepted and revealed to the public, who knows where humanity would be today.

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Written by Vladislav Tchakarov

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