There have been hundreds of reported UFO sightings on the Moon but the most interesting one surely refers to the Apollo 11 mission, confirmed by the astronauts on the mission. Do you believe in the word of Buzz Aldrin or not? Source: Shutterstock

UFO Sightings On The Moon Between 1964-1969

UFO sightings on the moon have been observed for centuries. Scientific interpretations exist but none are conventional or generally acceptable.


Just like new reports of UFO sightings on Earth appear daily, quite a few similar occurrences have been witnessed and recorded on our natural satellite – the Moon. In fact, there are more than 580 strange objects and events, marked in a unique secret catalog of NASA, that have been seen and followed for the last four centuries without receiving an acceptable conventional interpretation to date.

With this said, it is logical that most UFO sightings on the Moon have occurred in the past century or, more specifically, in the years after the first Moon landing. Therefore, I would like to address several alleged UFO sightings on the Moon that are of particular interest from the period shortly before and during the Moon landing. Of course, these sightings have not been confirmed by NASA, any other agency, or any government, but they have been admitted by witnesses, including astronomers and astronauts, during missions.

Chronology of UFO Sightings on the Moon

The most commonly reported UFO sightings on the Moon include slow-moving lights, similar to the one on the illustration above. Source: Shutterstock
The most commonly reported UFO sightings on the Moon include slow-moving lights similar to the one in the illustration above. Source: Shutterstock

Two sightings in 1964

On May 18, 1964, American astronomers Harris and Cross observed a luminous spot moving at a speed of 32 km/h on the moon’s surface for 1 hour and 15 minutes. On June 21 that year, Harris, Cross, and Heland spotted a dark object moving at a variable speed of 32 to 80 km/h south of the Ross crater.  This leaves us with two completely different UFO sightings on the Moon, none of which have been addressed publicly by the agencies.

Mare Tranquillitatis – 1967

On September 11, 1967, observers in Montreal spotted a body in the Sea of ​​Tranquility (Mare Tranquillitatis in Latin) that looked like a parallelepiped with purple lights at the edges. The body ceased to be visible near the line of the terminator (the boundary between day and night), and after 14 minutes, a yellow light erupted around the Sabin crater for a split second. Twenty days later, a new UFO sighting on the Moon included a bright spot seen moving at an approximate speed of 80 km/h in the same place.


Aristarchus Crater – 1968

In 1968, American researchers noticed how three red light spots merged into one in the Aristarchus crater area. At the same time, Japanese astronomers observed a pink spot that covered the southern part of this crater. Subsequently, two red and one blue stripes, 8 kilometers wide and 50 kilometers long, appeared in the crater. Remarkably, they were clearly visible at a full moon, that is, when the lunar surface is flooded with blinding sunlight, and it is least convenient to observe bright spots with a telescope.

Apollo 11 – 1969 – UFO Sightings on the Moon & Additional Evidence

In the summer of 1969, Apollo 11 landed 100 kilometers from the Sabin Crater. Not only did the astronauts supposedly admit to UFO sightings on the Moon, but they also witnessed extraordinary things. For example, it turned out that the ground at the landing site had already been melted, but not by the lunar module’s engines. Professor T. Gald concluded, based on the samples obtained from the moon, that this place was irradiated less than 100 thousand years ago with a powerful flow of energy. The duration of the impact was from 10 to 100 seconds. The unknown energy source was close enough to the moon’s surface, as the scorched area was insignificant. It is also clear that the melting was not the result of a meteorite because there was no crater there.

It should not be forgotten that when American astronauts first set foot on the Moon, they noticed traces of chains near the landing site. Not to mention that years later, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, one of the three astronauts of Apollo 11, admitted that they saw numerous UFOs during the flight and while on the surface of the Moon.

Should we then find the behavior of the measuring complex delivered to the moon by the Apollo 11 expedition strange, which, after an unexpected self-shutdown, re-activated arbitrarily, working better? The batteries for the autonomous power supply of the station worked as if someone had recharged them regularly.


To end things on a high note, I must mention that the Apollo 11 mission brought changes not only to our understanding of the universe and our natural satellite but also to the potential extraterrestrials that have been subjected countless times. Since then, UFO sightings on the Moon and Earth have increased numerously, which could hardly be mistaken for a coincidence. I believe we surprised them with our capabilities, and we became a far more exciting target for observation.

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Written by Vladislav Tchakarov

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