If we accept that UFOs are alien spacecraft, then what are they doing on Earth?

If UFOs Are Really Alien Spacecraft, Then What Are They Doing on Earth?

UFOs sightings can be divided into many categories. If we accept that a significant number of them are alien spacecraft, what makes Earth such a popular destination?


The mysteries surrounding UFOs have always excited people. It is difficult to find a problem with such versatility, the solution of which directly affects the worldview and destiny of every inhabitant of our planet.

UFOs have been observed from millennia to the present day. They appear unexpectedly on all continents and oceans on Earth. They have also been observed on the moon and in outer space. Recently, similar objects have been photographed in the invisible to humans infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum.


Distinguishing Real UFOs from Every-day Registered Sightings

The number of registered cases is not small. After World War II, nearly 15 million people on our planet have observed such objects. In the United States alone, about 4 million Americans claim to have observed UFOs.

At the same time, the country’s air defense system, equipped with satellite tracking systems and a global communications network, detects the daily appearance of 5 to 1,000 UFOs in the airspace above the planet.

Given that only about 2% of the UFOs observed by humans can be considered sufficiently reliable, it turns out that for the last 50 years about 300 thousand objects have been registered. On average, this makes approximately 6,000 sites per year or 500 sites per month. These data, in general, overlap with data obtained from the air and space intelligence of some of the major countries.

By UFOs, we mean objects that are not products of modern civilization, such as weather balloons, military aircraft, or natural phenomena, such as ball lightning.

By the way, only the Air Force and the space intelligence system of individual countries are able to reliably register and screen these objects at any time. From this point of view, they appear to be the most reliable source of information on UFOs although it is a general knowledge that the governments hide too much from the public and often lie in attempts to hide the real nature of such events.


If we take into account the flight characteristics of real UFOs and the demonstrated capabilities of these devices, it can be concluded that they are the product of civilizations more advanced than ours. Statistical processing of data from observed encounters with UFO crews shows that most of these vessels belong to extraterrestrial civilizations, and some of them, about 15%, are chronicle capsules arriving from the future of mankind.

From this point of view, it can be assumed on average that within a day around the space island called Earth, an average of 14 alien spacecraft dock or move, while at the same time there are about 3 visits of chronicle capsules with people from our future. The noticeable presence of these objects creates a need for their study.

What are UFOs doing on Earth?

Up to this point, we were discussing facts and figures that have been confirmed and can generally be accepted as real. Now that we know how many real UFO sightings happen daily, monthly, or yearly, we will dive into a theory about the purpose of their visits. Keep in mind that the following lines are all for the sake of discussion and could sound like a conspiracy theory to a certain extend. Moreover, let’s not forget that every mystery, myth, legend, or conspiracy theory starts with a little bit of truth.

Human Energy

Our energy is extremely powerful. This has been proven in scientific and non-scientific methods thousands of years ago and is an extremely vital science in modern days.

Many researchers and, I included, believe that extraterrestrial beings could, in fact, “feed” on our energy. Especially given that negative energy is special and the world is full of it currently, it could explain the abnormal number of UFO sightings since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

If I have to dive even further into the conspiracies, let’s take the secret societies into consideration. It is no secret that they have a lot of control over the world, albeit hidden. There are more than one or two controversial societies that have dedicated their “work” to extraterrestrials or aliens. Could it be that they are manipulating the events around the world to cause more sadness and grief and an overall change of energy to a much more powerful state?

In general, what I’m saying is that humans are the most valuable bioresource for the production of specific energy. This hypothesis is not meaningless and has existed since ancient times. For example, I give the ancient culture of the Olmecs, in which there are references to a cult confirming this statement.


What can we make of this?

Why do I support this thesis? Energies have been a particularly big interest of mine and I have spent a lot of time studying this subject in the past. If we assume that UFOs exist, we shouldn’t exclude the possibility that energy plays a huge role in their life just as it does with all living things on Earth.

Of course, there are countless theories about UFOs and their plans for our planet and humans. I could easily mention a dozen conspiracy theories and extremely unrealistic suggestions but I believe we should be looking beyond the spectrum of intergalactic wars, slavery of humankind, or all these movie-worthy theories.

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Written by Vladislav Tchakarov

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