Satellite image of several Chinese Pyramids

Why The Ancient Chinese Pyramids are Shrouded in Mystery

China is a land of mysteries. The history of the Ancient Chinese Pyramids, effectively hidden by the Chinese government, are one of the biggest secrets yet to be unfolded.


The Mysterious Pyramids of Northwest China

China never ceases to captivate the world with its rich history, economic prowess, and political intrigue. One of the most enigmatic mysteries to date involves the numerous ancient pyramids hidden in northwestern China. The Chinese government has diligently concealed these monuments, leaving many unaware of their existence.

A Glimpse into China’s Pyramid Landscape

The pyramids sit near the ancient city of Xi’an in present-day Shaanxi Province, an area known for its royal burials. Unlike traditional pyramids, these structures, often covered in grass and trees, resemble massive burial grounds more than pyramidal monuments. While Western experts estimate over 40 Chinese pyramids, the Chinese government claims there are more than 400, raising questions about their historical significance.


The Enigmatic White Pyramid and Government Secrecy

The renowned White Pyramid, rumored to be 20 times larger than the Great Pyramid of Giza, stands over 1,000 feet tall. As archaeologists and scientists are barred from these sites, conspiracy theories abound regarding the government’s motives. Chinese officials cite tradition and the risk of damage as reasons for restricting access, prioritizing preservation, and respect for the dead.

Limited Excavation and Disguised Monuments

Over a century after their initial discovery, only two pyramids have been excavated. Several have been converted into national parks for tourists, though no further exploration has taken place. Many pyramid hills appear intentionally planted with trees and shrubs, hiding the secrets beneath.

The Mysterious Alignment of China’s Pyramids

Although the exact locations of all Chinese pyramids remain unknown, modern technologies and satellites have revealed dozens of them. Intriguingly, these pyramids are divided into two distinct alignments: one group aligns perfectly with the cardinal directions, while the other deviates 14 degrees from true North. This suggests that ancient Chinese astronomers may have calculated the future position of the North Star to achieve precise alignment thousands of years later.


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