The incredible panoramic image made by Chang'e 5 on the Moon's surface. Credit: CNSA/CLEP

Here Are 6 Images and Videos Of The Lunar Surface Snapped By Chinese Chang’e 5 Moon Mission

Chang'e 5 landed on the surface of the Moon successfully yesterday but the initial images disappointed people around the world.


After the Chinese automatic interplanetary station Chang’e 5 landed on the surface of the moon yesterday, many space fans were disappointed by the first images. I read all sorts of complaints on social networks: that the photos are in low resolution, that the smartphone makes better images, that they are in black and white, etc.



Not to mention that the original broadcast which was planned and promised was cut down shortly before the landing. Yes, the Chinese Agency released video footage of the whole operation minutes later but I assume they cut the original broadcast in order to be sure that everything goes according to plan. After all, the Chinese do not want to embarrass themselves and there is always a chance for failure with space missions.

What people failed to notice was that these were the FIRST images from Chang’e 5 taken during its descent and shortly after landing. These were photos taken by the engineering camerasnot the main scientific cameras.

This was the first image we saw from shortly before the landing. Credit: China National Space Administration/CLEP
This was the first image we saw from shortly before the landing. Credit: China National Space Administration/CLEP

They were sent to Earth in almost real-time and are not really very remarkable, but they are valuable because they served to show the team whether the lunar cycle was going according to plan and when exactly the lunar surface was reached.


But now that the landing is over, the situation is different: Chang’e 5 is on the surface, the critical phase is over, the solar panels are deployed, the scientific instruments are activated – including the main cameras. They took detailed photos that helped create a high-resolution color panorama, and there should be no reason to complain that the image is not detailed enough.

I definitely need to mention that this new Chang’e 5 panorama image is 150,000 by 7,947 pixels which is absolutely mental if I can express myself like that. You can see it below. Honestly, there is no way we can complain about it now, right?

The massive panorama image released to the public. Credit: CLEP
The massive panorama image released to the public. Credit: CLEP

Moreover, Chang’e 5 successfully collected samples from the tops and insides of the regolith today which is visible in the images from the video below. Chinese television has also released new footage revealing curious details of the robotic expedition’s work.

According to Xinhua News Agency, Chang’e 5 used two methods to collect material. The first is through a drilling machine that digs 2 meters below the lunar surface. The second is through a special robotic arm and a shovel attached to it.

Chinese media also released images showing the container of “Chang’e 5”, which shows that it already contains collected rocks and soil.

Now, that we saw the best images from Chang’e 5 to date, I would like to remind you about the mission itself. If you haven’t read the news or our latest article on the Chinese mission from yesterday, that Chang’e 5 will be the first two-way flight to the surface of the Moon and back to Earth after more than four decades. The last successful attempt to bring lunar soil back to Earth for experiments and research was in 1976.

The view of part of the volcanic mound selected as landing location. Credit: CNSA/CLEP
The view of part of the volcanic mound selected as the landing location. Credit: CNSA/CLEP

Since then, just like the general interest in the Moon decreased, there have been no similar missions until this one now. Furthermore, it is important to mention that the soil which is targeted this time will be significantly younger in age than all previous samples.

In other words, this mission will be a major success if it returns to Earth with enough soil samples.

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