Is the Moon an artificial object created by a highly advanced race of aliens? This was suggested decades ago by Soviet scientists and despite the obvious scientific evidence against it, this theory still has supporters in modern days. Credit: Insh World

Is the Moon the Creation of Alien Intelligence?

Before technology and science advanced to the extent we know today, countless inadequate theories about the Moon were considered and suggested. The theory that it was created by an advanced alien race ranks among the most chimerical.


Since ancient times, the Moon has impressed people, which is why they have often deified it or included it in their religious rituals and symbols. In more recent times, our satellite has continued to play an important role for humans, which have found that the Moon causes tides and directly affects life on Earth.

But even at the moment, scientists do not have a definite explanation for the origin of the moon. However, things were much murkier in the middle of the last century, when scientific data was much more limited. This is what gave rise to many curious theories.


One of the strangest ones was developed in the early 1960s in the USSR by Soviet scientist Alexander Shcherbakov and Mikhail Vasin, who was convinced that the moon was an artificial structure created by a highly developed alien race.

Is the Moon the Creation of Alien Intelligence? Here is the theory:

The original scientific paper was published in the biggest Soviet magazine at the time.

Аccording to their theory, the moon is an artificial planetoid that aliens built millions (or billions) years ago. They did not create our satellite from scratch but used an existing celestial body, which they were able to change and move.


According to the Soviet scientists, the entire interior of the moon was turned into a planetary base, and the crust from the outside was nothing more than a protective and camouflage lining.

The reason for such bold assumptions are some chemical elements that are rare on Earth, such as the isotope helium-3. With the sending of the first probes, man’s landing on the moon, and the study of the rest of the solar system, it became clear that these theories were, to put it mildly, inadequate.

According to some, the strange location of the Moon, responsible for the appearance of solar eclipses, perfectly covering our star, is actually a coincidence. When the Moon appeared, it was much closer to Earth. Since then, it has begun to move very slowly away from our planet.

For this reason, in about 600 million years, the last total solar eclipse will occur – when the Moon will simply be too far away for the phenomenon to happen in its same form anymore. In fact, the composition of the Moon is quite similar to Earth’s, and it most likely formed after our planet collided with another planet in the early years of the solar system.

With its appearance, the Moon has slowed the rotation of our planet, making the day well known to us 24 hours. It has also stabilized the slope and the seasons, thus favoring the possibility of more complex life forms.


And while in the 1960s, there was some reason for some scientists to suggest that the moon may have an artificial origin, today, the thesis is completely refuted. Thanks to the accumulated data from the many American, Russian, and Chinese missions, we have a much better idea of ​​our natural satellite. The theory that an alien civilization created the Moon is equivalent to the theory of the flat Earth or the idea that the Moon landing never happened.


Unfortunately, in recent times, such anti-science theses have become increasingly popular due to the Internet, social networks, and poor knowledge of the facts. People who promote their false and strange ones often do so with one thing in mind. They always sell their latest book or “revolutionary” product to gullible people who have begun to believe in their proven misconceptions. Thus, ignorance began to be used and imposed for easy revenue generation.

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Written by Vladislav Tchakarov

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