US Navy Holds Technology That Can Alter The “Fabric of Reality”

The declassified US Navy patents describe technologies that, to a certain extent, sound unrealistic and impossible at our current technological level.

Journalists once again drew attention to the list of a number of advanced technological developments of the American army mentioned in the US Navy patents of the renowned aerospace engineer Dr. Salvatore Pais. If any of the unconventional devices appear, they will be able to make a noticeable revolution in the field of aircraft construction.

Here’s an example. One of the patents describes an electromagnetic field generator that will be able to produce an impressive amount of energy. It will be possible to use the development not only in the military but in the civilian sectors, although specific examples have not yet been given. The patent is said to be reminiscent of theories voiced by UFO researchers. We are talking about vehicles that, in theory, could be used by representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.

The US Navy could produce hybrid aerospace-underwater crafts

This is how Pais’s hybrid underwater-aerospace craft would look like based on his concepts – unlike anything we have seen. Credit: Dr. Salvatore Pais

Among the most astrounding technologies, Dr. Pais’s patents describe a brand new hybrid aerospace-underwater craft. We all have seen those in movies, vehicles that can operate both underwater and in the air with equal efficiency. In this case, the craft in question will not only be able to do that but it will be completely untraceable.

It is linked to a different new technology that would allow the creation of a quantum vacuum. Simply said, the craft will not leave any heat signatures, making it completely untraceable, practically a ghost.

The High-Energy Electromagnetic Field Generator & Other Technologies

Overview of the device known as the High Energy Electromagnetic Field Generator. Credit: The Drive

One particular US Navy patent stands out in the collection of documents, that of the HEEMFG – the High-Energy Electromagnetic Field Generator. This technology can be achieved by controlling electrically charged matter that would allow the production of electromagnetic fields.

This device could literally change the world. Among its potential uses, we see the creation of an impenetrable defensive shield. To get a better idea of what this means, imagine the shield generators in sci-fi movies that surround an entire city or base with an impenetrable shield. It would protect certain assets from any kind of attack, may it be missiles or else. Another idea suggests that such a device could be used to protect Earth from earthbound asteroids.

Another extraordinary patent from the US Navy files includes an “Inertial Mass Reduction Device” that would manipulate quantum field fluctuations. We already discussed the hybrid aerospace-underwater crafts of the future and this device would allow such crafts to move with unseen speeds.

Whether we need ultrafast ships or planes, I’m not sure, but I see another potential use of such technology – space travel/exploration. What if we can use this to make our spacecraft faster than ever. For example, reaching Mars will not require 7-8+ months but weeks, maybe days.

Next up, we have the “High-Temperature Superconductor”, a patent that would revolutionize the production of energy globally. What this device will do is produce energy without losing any in the process, thus reducing energy costs to the minimum.

Doubts & Developments

Scientists conducted a series of experiments between 2017 and 2019 and here are some of the results, taken straight from the declassified US Navy “UFO Patents”. Credit: The Drive

For the most part, even the US Navy was skeptical about these theories but as it appears, their interest was enough to spare around $500,000 for experiments. Such tests were conducted between 2017 and 2019 but the results were unable to prove Pais’s claims.

As it appears, the developments have since been abandoned but there is no guarantee. Perhaps the whole operation was transferred to a more suitable agency. Perhaps the scope of modern technology is not advanced enough to achieve the ideas from the patents.

In each case, the fact that the US Navy funded the experiments is enough evidence that there is a growing interest in these inventions and I have no doubts that we will see the creation of at least some of them during our lifetimes.

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