One of the largest caverns in the Longyou caves complex. You can see the mysterious wall decorations and grand pillars that have remained intact after thousands of years under water.

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Ancient Longyou Caves

An ancient underground complex that has never been mentioned in history, the Longyou Caves in China are a complete mystery that has troubled experts from all fields for nearly 30 years. Which civilization had the capabilities of constructing such grand caverns and why were they completely forgotten in time?


Are the Longyou Caves in China evidence of ancient technology used by the mystical Anunnaki? By what means and technologies were almost 1 million cubic meters of rock transported thousands of years ago?

What makes the Longyou Caves even more exceptional is the fact that there are no historical records to mention the mysterious underground complex. Their origin is a complete mystery. Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about the ancient Longyou Caves.


1. The Longyou caves were discovered by accident in 1992

The Longyou caves were subject to numerous local legends until a Chinese local decided to see whether there is any truth behind the countless myths. He began draining one of the nearby ponds to his home and 17 days later, he discovered the caves of an ancient grand complex.

2. There were a total of 24 flooded caverns

The entire Longyou caves complex was completely submerged which is the main reason it remained unfound for more than 2000 years. Excavations became possible only after all the water was pumped out revealing the marvelous artificial underground complex.

3. There is no historical record of the creation or existence of the Longyou caves

The underground complex remains one of the biggest ancient mysteries in the world as unlike most, it hasn’t been mentioned anywhere in history. Two questions remain that will likely never be solved – who constructed them and how exactly was it possible thousands of years ago. No tools or evidence to support any construction theory have been found as of today.


4. Despite the seismicity of the region and the constant floods, the caves have remained undamaged

Although the region has been the subject of many floods, natural disasters, and wars over the centuries, and the caves have probably been flooded for thousands of years, the rocks have eroded and the shapes and decorations in the caves have remained intact.

5. The Longyou caves have been dated to as early as 2000 years ago

There is no way to determine the correct time of origin due to the lack of artifacts in the caves as well as the fact that they haven’t been mentioned in any ancient records. However, geologists claim that they must be at least 2000 years old.

6. Every single wall of the Longyou caves is equally decorated in chiseled parallel lines

One of the greatest mysteries of the Longyou caves is the decoration on the walls. Every single surface in the underground complex is chiseled with parallel lines, including the ceiling. This is an absolute enigma as it would have taken countless hours and incredible manpower to complete.

7. There were no fish in the caves despite the fact that they were submerged for hundreds, maybe thousands of years

Before they were discovered, locals believed that the locations were ponds which is why the Longyou caves remained hidden for thousands of years. Even though they were completely underwater, not a single fish was found after the drainage was completed.

8. The caves are not connected but share extremely thin walls

Each of the 24 caverns has a single entrance point and is not connected to the rest. However, geologists have discovered that many caves share thin walls that seem to be purposely made in case they should be connected. Some walls are less than a meter thick which is truly a surprising decision for such a massive underground construction.


9. Some sections are pitch black which means that the ancient builders worked in complete darkness

As each of the Longyou caves has a single entrance but continues deep underground covering an averagely 1000 square meters, it is impossible for light to reach all sections. This literally means that the ancient builders constructed these magnificent caves while working in complete darkness. Here is another mystery that troubles experts from different fields.

10. Scholars believe that a natural cataclysm flooded the caves

With the lack of physical evidence, there are countless theories about the origin of the caves. One of the highly regarded suggestions is that the caves were flooded by a natural cataclysm shortly after being constructed. This could be the reason why they were never mentioned in any historical accounts and were completely forgotten for more than 2000 years. ]

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